Alan Jackson Surprises Boy Fighting Cancer, Makes His Dream Come True

Alan Jackson recently made the dreams of a boy fighting cancer come true.

Joshua John is a 5-year-old boy who has a passion for cowboy boots, horses, and country music legend Alan Jackson. Why does he love Jackson? Well, simply enough, he says “he’s a good singer.”

According to WBIR, he was a perfectly healthy little boy until his health took a turn for the worse in October 2014.

“His teacher noticed he had yellow eyes. We took him to the doctor and his blood work didn’t come back good. We took him to Children’s and it came back that he had hepatoblastoma stage four, lung and liver,” his mother Connie Lampkin explained.

Hepatoblastoma is the most common form of liver cancer in children, according to Medscape, and requires chemotherapy to treat it.

“Before October the 1st I didn’t know anything about hepatoblastoma. No clue. And I really want everyone to know about it. I also didn’t know about organ donation, but when I found out it would’ve helped my son a whole lot, I would have been the first one there with my hand stuck out to receive any organ that I could’ve received,” Lampkin said.

Connie explained that the chemo has taken a major toll on Joshua John’s body and has kept him from living a normal childhood.

“It’s taken his ability to walk without braces. He can’t hear that’s why he wanted the music turned up louder, he can’t hear it if it’s low. His vision comes and goes. It makes him tired and weak,”she said.

Despite his current condition, his five siblings say they are devoted to making their brother’s life as fun as possible. They also wanted to help him make his dream of meeting his idol Alan Jackson come true.

“If Joshua John wants to meet Alan Jackson, I’ll do whatever it takes,” Connie said.

A Facebook group of more than 12,000 members messaged Jackson everyday sharing his story and requesting he meet Joshua John.

After hearing his story, Jackson voluntarily flew the Lampkin family to Nashville so that he could meet this brave little boy. After they were picked up by a limo, Jackson greeted them at the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Connie later took to her Facebook page, Prayers for JoshuaJohn, thanking everyone for their help in making her son’s dream come true.

“I just want to say Thank You to God first of all that he saw fit for JoshuaJohn to meet Mr. Alan Jackson!! And then I want to thank every person who helped to make a DREAM come true for JoshuaJohn. It took everyone!!”

[Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images]