Amtrak YouTube Videos From Passengers Inside The Crash Fill YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, And Vine [Videos]

Personal accounts of YouTube footage from inside the tragic Amtrak train crash are starting to fill YouTube. So are personal accounts from passengers riding in the derailed train, which are filling up Twitter and other social media platforms.

As reported by the Inquisitr, the Amtrak crash claimed the lives of six people and injured more than 100, with harrowing stories and video footage appearing on YouTube and Twitter afterward. Such videos show folks trying to exit the train after it derailed.

The following YouTube video titled “Inside the Amtrak train which crashed near Philadelphia” from the Daily Mail shows footage from the Instagram account titled “YameenAllWorld” with a man being urged to crawl forward. The Amtrak passenger’s Instagram videos show train footage prior to the crash, and his other videos have been widely copied onto YouTube.

“Come on, man.”

“I got you, okay? Keep crawling.”

“Crawl forward, Sir.”

“Where am I crawling?”

The video also shows an Amtrak passenger documenting his injuries and leg and neck wounds on YouTube.