Madeleine McCann Remains Missing On Her 12th Birthday

Madeleine McCann would have turned 12-years-old on Tuesday, but she remains missing after more than seven years of endless searching. The Loughborough Echo reports that the child’s mother will be raising money for charity by riding in a 500k bike ride, but there aren’t any reports of any memorials or vigils held for the girl who vanished in 2007. The official page dedicated to the search for the missing British child simply encouraged the public to support Kate’s upcoming bike ride. Meanwhile, supporters of former detective Goncalo Amaral are asking that the public consider donating £12.00 to his GoFundMe campaign.

Madeleine’s birthday came several days after the eight-year anniversary of her disappearance. Maddie was only three-years-old, going on four-years-old, when she mysteriously vanished from her parents’ vacation apartment rental. Over the course of her case there have been a variety of theories and a multitude of sightings (none of which ever panned-out). Goncalo Amaral believes that Maddie died in that apartment the night she was reported missing, and he thinks Kate and Gerry McCann covered up her death. There has never been any confirmed evidence to indicate that a stranger entered their apartment and kidnapped the child as two younger children slept nearby.

Regardless of the evidence and details in this case, the British media continues to use the word troll to describe anyone who doesn’t trust Kate and Gerry McCann’s version of what happened the night Maddie vanished. The Daily Star reports that “trolls” attacked Kate McCann on Madeleine’s 12th birthday, by posting their suspicions against her on her Just-Giving page. The Daily Star also reported earlier this month that none of the online “trolls” who think the McCanns harmed their daughter will be prosecuted. This is in response to a campaign that included gathering information on people who spoke against Kate and Gerry McCann on the internet. Even bloggers and crime writers were targeted in this secretive campaign.

Next year Madeleine McCann would be becoming a teenager, but she still hasn’t been found. Will she be found between now and then, or will this disappearance continue to be a highly divisive and mysterious cold case? Whatever the outcome will be, it’s clear that this case continues to grip and intrigue people as much today as it did the day Maddie vanished. As for Kate and Gerry McCann, they were declared agruidos (suspects) at one point, so is it really fair to call people trolls if they find the couple to be suspicious?

[Photo: McCann family via Sunday Express]