Robert Downey Jr. A Brony? ‘Avengers,’ ‘My Little Pony’ Creepily Similar, Notes Iron Man

Is Robert Downey Jr. a brony? The similarities between the Avengers movie and My Little Pony are fairly creepy, but it does not take like a genius like Iron Man’s Tony Stark to notice. But already the brony hate is springing up now that Downey Jr. has thrown down the (Infinity) gauntlet.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, it is believed Avengers 3 will be about the Infinity War, and already Captain America 3: Civil War has had its plot revealed. Unfortunately, poor Spider-man is eating the dust left by everyone else’s wake, since practically all of the main characters are making cameos except for the famous web head.

At this point, some might be asking what the heck is a brony. In short, the term refers to bros (relatively young grown men) who are really, really into My Little Pony. There are even so-called bronycons, which are conventions for bronies to get together and discuss their My Little Pony fandom. Some people find this obsession a little unnerving, especially since MLP originally had a target demographic of little girls.

So where does Robert Downey Jr.’s brony conversion come into play? A popular meme photo has made an Avengers/My Little Pony comparison by noting the similarities between characters. Let us start with just the Avengers.

Captain America is like the pony Twilight since they’re both “the leader who organizes the team, is also unused to being in command, though is good at it.” They’re both also adjusting to their new lifestyles.

Chris Hemsworth’s Thor is somehow like Applejack since they both have big muscles, blonde hair, and a big heart. Both characters fiercely defend their family, and it’s noted how both have voice accents that are different from everyone else.

Fluttershy and the Mark Ruffalo’s Incredible Hulk apparently have much in common because they’re both very quiet and reserved in a normal setting. They’re also very kind and sweet once you take the time to know them. Just don’t make either angry… ultra scary!

Every single brony absolutely loves Rainbow Dash, and the same goes for Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow character since she’s also the “awesome chick who does everything and kicks butt doing it.”

Enter Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark character, who is just like Pinkie Pie because they’re both the one who does they want, when they want, for whatever reason they want, and all the while they don’t give two bits what anyone else thinks.

The meme even manages to make a connection between a Pony villain and Tom Hiddleston’s Loki, Princess Celestia and Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury. Oh, and Agent Phil Coulson and Hawkeye are in there somewhere.

Due to all these obvious similarities, Robert Downey Jr.’s brony conversion is complete since he admits, “Crap, am I gonna have to go brony?” Unfortunately, he will probably need an Iron Man suit just to deflect the wave of brony hate coming his way.

But keep in mind that Pony episodes do tend to have many connections to pop culture, with referencings ranging from Carl Sagan to video games like Bioshock or films and TV shows like Doctor Who, Terminator, Star Wars, and even the Big Lebowski. Yikes! Did I just come out of the brony closet?

Robert Downey Jr. Brony Meme[Images via Facebook]