What’s New With The 2015 MacBook?

Though Apple’s new MacBook was announced in March and released online in April, it isn’t set to hit stores until the week of May 25, and Apple fans can’t wait. You can read the announcement from this report published previously on Inquisitr. On the surface, this new MacBook doesn’t look much different than the older versions. However, as per usual, Apple has several things in store for the newest addition to the MacBook family.


This is the smallest full-power MacBook to date, with a display measuring at 12 inches from corner to corner. It’s also the lightest version of MacBook for its amount of power, weighing only two pounds. At it’s thickest point, it’s only 13.1 mm, making it about 25 percent thinner than the 11-inch MacBook Air.

New Keyboard

The sleek design isn’t the only thing to get an upgrade. The keyboard is also thinner with better features and design. It measures to be about 40 percent thinner, which is saying a lot for the already slim keyboards Apple is famous for, but the key caps are quite a bit larger, filling in some of the extra spacing around the original key caps. It seems to be a better keyboard overall, thanks to the stainless steel dome switches underneath the keys. There is also more even lighting across the keyboard, since each key comes with its own LED light.


The trackpad is now pressure sensitive, meaning that you can click on it anywhere instead of only at the front. It also allows for what Apple is calling “force clicks,” which is a form of double clicking that allows you to see inside a folder using extra pressure rather than clicking the trackpad twice.

No Fan

The new 2015 MacBook Pro is the first MacBook ever to feature no fan. In essence, this means that you can use your MacBook with virtually no noise. So how does it avoid overheating? It features Intel’s latest Core M processor, which significantly reduces the amount of power it uses, taking it all the way down to 5 watts. Less power means less chance of overheating. Apple says that you’ll be able to fit in at least 9 hours of basic use without any problems.


Complete specs, according to Apple, are as follows.

  • Processor: 1.1GHz Intel Core M
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Flash Storage: 256GB
  • Graphics: Intel HD 5300
  • Operating System: OS X Yosemite
  • Battery: Built-in 39.7 watt hour lithium-polymer battery
  • Battery Life: 9 hours web browsing, 10 hours movie playback
  • Retina Display: 2304 by 1440 resolution at 226 pillion pixels per inch


In addition to a thinner, sleeker design, the new MacBook comes in silver, space gray, and gold, which is pretty new to the MacBook family. The basic model of the new computer will set you back $1,299.

What’s next for Apple? The company has also announced that they will be releasing a new Intel system architecture later this year. It will be known as Skylake, and will be optimized for the new 2015 MacBook Pro.

[Image via YouTube]