McDonald’s Only Diet: John Cisna Loses 60lbs Only Eating McDonald’s Food, Becomes Ambassador

We now all have the perfect reason to only live off McDonald’s food. And it’s all down to John Cisna, who partook in a McDonald’s only diet that miraculously resulted in him losing 60 pounds. And McDonald’s have been so impressed with his weight loss that they’ve decided to make him an ambassador.

Last year John Cisna, who at the time was employed as a high school teacher in Iowa, decided to spend 90 days only eating McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for his science class. After 3 months Cisna noticed that he had lost a remarkable 37 pounds, dropping from 280 lbs to 243 lbs.

Because of this remarkable loss, Cisna decided to carry on with his unusual diet. And after a further 90 days Cisna learnt that he’d dropped 24 extra lbs, and he currently weighs in at a paltry 219 lbs.

After learning about John Cisna’s impressive regime, McDonald’s quickly got into contact with him about becoming a brand ambassador for the company. This means that Cisna is now paid to travel across the country and give lectures about his diet and weight loss.

A spokeswoman for McDonald’s explained to ABC News, via Daily Mail, “Today, John serves as an official brand ambassador for McDonald’s and travels the country sharing his story about the importance of choice and balance.” Cisna isn’t officially an employee for McDonald’s, however he is paid for his work and he continues to be employed as a substitute teacher.

Cisna has insisted that an all fast-food diet shouldn’t be deployed by everyone; however, he wants people to know that these establishments do have healthy options. He explained that he started off his experiment by asking his students to devise a meal plan that provided him with a healthy 2,000-calorie-a-day diet from items only off the McDonald’s menu.

This then resulted in him normally starting his day with either a two egg white delight sandwich, bowl of oatmeal, and one percent milk, which he then followed with a Southwest salad or bacon ranch salad and fruit parfait and apples slices for lunch, while he then rounded off his meal with a value meal. He also complimented this by walking for 45 minutes a day.

Cisna admitted that he wasn’t entirely surprised to learn that he’d lost a substantial amount of weight; however, he was shocked to learn that his cholesterol had dropped remarkably. His LDL levels, otherwise known as his “bad” cholesterol, dropped from 170 to 113. In fact, Cisna’s journey has proved to be so remarkable that he’s even decided to author a book entitled My McDonald’s Diet.

[Image via Nevada Iowa Journal]