‘Captain America: Civil War’ Funeral Scene Shot, Could Captain America Die?

Captain America: Civil War has been touted as Avengers 2.5 due to the amount of Marvel superheroes that are set to feature in the blockbuster. And now that shooting has begun on the third solo outing for Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers, drips and drabs of information regarding its plot continue to be released, and it looks as though one seismic moment will be filmed imminently – a funeral.

Heroic Headlines was the first to uncover that a funeral scene is set to be filmed later this week. According to the publication’s sources Captain America: Civil War will shoot what they are simply referring to as a “funeral scene” in downtown Atlanta, Georgia on Tuesday. They’ve reported that “extras are being asked to wear formal, solid black attire for the event,” while this day of filming will also coincide with thunderstorms that will rest over the scene to give it a grim and gloomy outlook.

Unfortunately, at this point, we don’t really have a clue whose funeral it will be. But because of the source material that the film is based on one of the most popular theories is that it could actually be Captain America’s.

Now, for those of you who haven’t read Mark Miller’s Captain America: Civil War comic book series that might sound like a preposterous notion. But – SPOILER ALERT – in these comics after Captain America surrenders to Tony Stark/Iron Man’s posse, he is then assassinated.This then paves the way for The Winter Soldier, who is played by Sebastian Stan in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, to take over as Captain America. It’s later revealed that Captain America wasn’t actually killed though and he does make a return. But if it did happen in the film, there’s a good reason why it would be permanent.

What’s helped to exacerbate these theories is that Stan is signed up to star in 9 films (Captain America: Civil War will mark only his third appearance), while Chris Evans only has a 6-film contract (Captain America: Civil War will be Evans’ sixth, if you include his minuscule cameo in Thor: The Dark World).

However, it would still be a huge shock if Marvel decided to replace the hugely popular Evans, who has made himself a mainstay of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe with Stan’s Winter Soldier, who not only died halfway through Captain America: First Avenger, but was a villain for all of Winter Soldier. Meanwhile, Stan also lacks the A-list status of Evans, which has helped to make the character so popular for mainstream movie audiences.

There are also numerous other Captain America characters who could wind up dead in Civil War though. One is Peggy Carter, Steve Rogers’ old-beau from the 1940s before he was frozen, while it’s also be suggested that Hawkeye, an innocent bystander, or someone that we haven’t met yet could be the culprit, too. Either way, we’ll just have to wait until Captain America: Civil War is finally released on May 6, 2016, to find out who the unlucky soul actually is.

[Image via Marvel Studios]