WWE News: Update On ‘Elimination Chamber’ PPV, Two Big Matches Set To Take Place Inside Chamber

WWE surprised us all by adding yet another PPV to the lineup for the month of May. This seemed like a good plan, but it was also a sign of some desperation. WWE once again offered a free WWE Network month. As a result of this, they want to make sure subscribers stay on for another month, so they added the Elimination Chamber PPV as a WWE Network exclusive to take place live on May 31st.

The next few weeks are a big deal for WWE. Not only is WWE Payback happening, but WWE NXT: Unstoppable takes place next Wednesday. Then, the following week, the Elimination Chamber special will take place.

According to WWE.com, the WWE Intercontinental Championship will be decided in the Elimination Chamber. The Tag Team Championship will also take place inside the chamber, which is very unique. It will be the first time a tag team match happens inside the chamber. WWE will most likely have a three team chamber since there are six spots available for the match.

This is new ground for WWE, so this match will be exciting.

WWE also claims that the WWE United States Championship, as well as the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, will take place at the special. However, they will not be defended inside the Elimination Chamber. That could always change, however.

Daniel Bryan EC

According to Daily Wrestling News, the Chamber special is taking place where an originally planned live event in Texas was supposed to happen. So those people got a golden ticket without realizing it. Since WWE planned this last minute, they happen to be running two shows on the same day. There is an event at 1:00 pm eastern in South Carolina, which will have John Cena, Rusev, The New Day, Tyson Kidd, Cesaro, Luke Harper and King Barrett.

The live event in Texas was always set to take place that night, so WWE could always fly the WWE Superstars involved with the Chamber special out for the show. Most of the people mentioned above will be involved in the show, and they will have to wrestle two matches in a day.

This is the first time WWE has added a basic PPV special for the main roster to the line up as a network exclusive since the network was created.

One would imagine that WWE could simply follow Hulu and Netflix in offering anyone the chance to sign up and get the first month free. That way, this desperate attempt by the company to get subscribers wouldn’t come off so needy. While no one is complaining that WWE is adding content to the network like this, they only seem to do it during free network months. So why would a subscriber stick around if they know what will happen? The only guarantee the WWE Network has is WWE NXT each Wednesday and one PPV each month.

Both are worthy of a subscription, of course. To the average fan however, that may not be the case. While a price of $9.99 seems like a bargain, to others it means money that they’ll have to fork over every month. So why not do a free month for all new subscribers as a guarantee like other stream services? Then, add the same stuff each month that you would do every free month. Problem solved WWE. As far as we know, WWE is not going to do another free month this summer.

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