WWE Rumors Round-Up: Daniel Bryan’s Amount Of Time Out, Another ECW Legend Heading To WWE, The Reason The Elimination Chamber Is Back

The WWE rumor mill is back up and running yet again, and there are some serious stories going around. Daniel Bryan showed back up on Raw and relinquished his second title in a little over a year, but how long will he be out? There’s also an ECW legend who seems to want back in WWE, and why is the Elimination Chamber back? Find out all that info below in the rumors round-up.

How long will Daniel Bryan be out with injury?

Yes, not only did Daniel Bryan have to be stripped of (give up) the WWE Title after WrestleMania XXX last year, but now he had to give up the Intercontinental Title after WrestleMania 31 this year. Now, many are wondering if he ever really will be able to wrestle again on a regular basis due to his injuries.

According to WWE’s website, Bryan is still advertised to appear at the Payback pay-per-view and at the TV tapings next week in Virginia. Sure, he may appear, but he likely won’t be wrestling or physical at all.

He did say, “I might never be able to wrestle again,” but chances are that he will be back. Some have said it could be weeks or months, but rumors swirling say he may be back by the middle of the summer to prepare for SummerSlam.

Is Bully Ray still destined for another WWE run?

This past Friday, Bully Ray showed back up in TNA to referee the main event between Kurt Angle and Eric Young. Everyone took that to mean he may be back with the company, but it appears as if it was just a one time deal.

Over the weekend, Bully Ray hosted a Q&A session on Twitter, and he made a very interesting statement at the end of the whole thing.

It looks like the former ECW legend is hoping for a spot in WWE still or maybe even a trainer position in NXT. He could even end up in NXT for a bit to help put over younger talent like Rhyno is doing, and then jump up to the main roster. It’s obvious where Bully Ray wants to be, though.

The real reason the Elimination Chamber is back is…

Even though Payback is set to go on as scheduled this Sunday, WWE announced on Raw that the Elimination Chamber will return on May 31 on the WWE Network. This was done primarily since the Network is free to new subscribers in May, and WWE wanted to really sell them on signing up.

For now, WWE has announced that both the vacated Intercontinental Title and WWE Tag Team Titles will be defended inside the Elimination Chamber structure. With a live event happening in another city on the same night, the roster may be slightly limited for the PPV.

Rumors are all over the place right now for WWE, and these are some big ones. A lot will be told this weekend after the PPV, but for now, it’s all wait and see what happens.

[Images via WWE]