Noah Galloway Proposal: Erin Andrews Accused Of Ruining Romantic ‘DWTS’ Moment, Noah Also Criticized

Noah Galloway left a lot of Dancing with the Stars viewers wiping tears from their eyes after he proposed to his girlfriend on the show, but were Erin Andrews’ eyes doing something other than producing salty fluid? The host stands accused of rolling her eyes and ruining his big moment.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Noah Galloway’s proposal took place after the veteran’s performance to “Time of My Life,” and Erin Andrews took part in it by bringing his girlfriend, Jamie Boyd, backstage so he could pop the question. The sweet moment elicited a positive emotional reaction from the Dancing with the Stars audience and many of Noah’s fellow competitors, but Erin Andrews was later accused of looking annoyed while she watched the proposal unfold.

“Erin Andrews really wanted Monday night to wrap up,” Us Weekly wrote. “The Dancing With the Stars co-host was caught on live TV looking more than annoyed during May 11’s episode.”

The tabloid accused Erin of rolling her eyes at the end of last night’s show, and it provided evidence of Erin’s bad attitude in the form of fan screenshots of the DWTS episode. One of the photos featured Erin sticking out her tongue, and another showed her making a face during Noah’s proposal.

However, according to E! News, Erin Andrews was “visibly emotional” during the proposal. And according to the host, she has a perfectly good explanation for her facial gymnastics — she simply suffers from ugly cry face.

Erin’s faces during Noah Galloway’s proposal caused quite the Twitter controversy, and she had to spend a little time doing damage control by reassuring her followers that she wasn’t “jealous or annoyed.” She was also accused of getting in the way while Noah got down on one knee and surprised his sweetheart.

It’s obvious that Noah has a fiercely loyal legion of fans that are willing to fight for him on Twitter, but the double amputee also has his fair share of haters — some fans expressed their belief that Noah Galloway only proposed on TV so that he could score enough votes to make it to the Dancing with the Stars finale.

@DWTSAllAccess I think either Noah or Nastia. I hope that proposal doesn’t sway too many votes in his favor.. That would be unfair.

— DWTS Superfan (@DWTSballroom) May 12, 2015

In my opinion, Noah is doing whatever he can to win. That proposal was at least half about getting more votes. Lame. @DancingABC #DWTS

— No-Name Slob (@ChelseaTheFlea) May 12, 2015

Appealing to the romantics out there just might pay off — Noah isn’t a consistently high-scoring competitor like Rumer Willis, Riker Lynch, and Nastia Liukin, so he’s had to rely heavily on his inspirational story during his stint on Dancing with the Stars. The proposal gave fans one more positive thing to think about while they decided if he was deserving of their vote, so there’s a good chance that it will give him a boost.

Noah Galloway supporters and critics will find out if he’s one of the finalists during tonight’s Dancing with the Stars results show. Do you think he’ll make it to the finale?

[Image credit: Erin Andrews/Instagram]