Massive Brawl On Beach: Revere Beach In Massachusetts Erupts In Violence

The Massachusetts beach brawl near Boston turned a Mother’s Day outing in a nightmare for many. About 200 people took part in the massive brawl on Revere Beach on Sunday. Police officers from eight neighboring towns were called in to help regain control.

The Revere Beach brawl began when a fight started over a stolen handbag. The Massachusetts beach brawl initially involved just two women, but then their boyfriends joined in the fuss, and the scene spiraled out of control a few minutes later.

When Boston area police officers arrived on Revere Beach after calls about the massive brawl on the beach were received by 911 dispatchers, cans were thrown at the officers and the fighting continued. Scores of individuals involved in the Massachusetts beach brawl were removed from the sandy shore in handcuffs.

The violence, which erupted on Revere Beach, is reportedly extremely unusual for the area. Massachusetts beach brawl witnesses told police investigators that at least one officer was punched in the face by one of the woman who started the fight after the verbal altercation over a stolen handbag.

“Everybody started screaming people were throwing full cans of coke in the air trying to hit cop cars,” one witness to the massive brawl on the beach said. The Revere Beach fight is believed to have escalated so quickly because friends of the two angry couples quickly leapt to their aid.

“Someone got arrested. It was as soon as the police handled someone that everybody would go insane,” Massachusetts beach brawl witness Nick Stevenson told local reporters.

“Two liter bottles of soda were being thrown and full cans of soda also being thrown. It just kept building and building and more people getting upset about their friends getting taken into custody,” Tyler Wade, another witness to the massive brawl on the beach, said.

Actually getting to the primary area of the massive brawl on the beach proved difficult for responding law enforcement officers. Getting their vehicles onto Revere Beach was reportedly a hardship due to both the sandy terrain and the number of adults involved in the fight and the fleeing families. Traffic rapidly flowing out of the beach road created a bottleneck around the area.

The Revere Police Department deployed their “prison wagon” in an effort to quickly remove those involved in the massive brawl on the beach. The department’s prison wagon got stuck in traffic and hampered the planned quick removal of those arrested in the Massachusetts beach brawl. A total of 12 individuals were ultimately arrested on related charges.

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