New Stats Show Floyd Mayweather Didn’t Win Fight Against Manny Pacquiao

On the night of the Fight of the Century, Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao retreated to his corner, confidently believing that he had already won the fight. When the results were announced in favor of his opponent, Floyd Mayweather Jr., he was left astonished, thinking that he won the fight as Mayweather “didn’t do nothing.” Pacquiao wasn’t alone in his astonishment, as the fight’s results surprised many other people as well.

Because of this, many have embarked on scrutinizing every angle of the fight and one recent statistics report made by Boxing News 24 shows perhaps what is Mayweather’s biggest nightmare: that he didn’t win the fight.

In an attempt to confirm the official fight statistics, Boxing News 24 gathered its team of leading boxing commentators to monitor a video of Mayweather and Pacquiao’s match. First, they viewed it in actual speed, then in slow motion, and finally frame by frame.

Through a careful examination of the fight, they tallied the blows made by each boxer and came up with startling statistics. What they found out magnified the long-standing suspicions over the legitimacy of the punch stats and of the verdict itself.

According to the statistics generated by Boxing News 24’s team, Mayweather indeed threw more punches than the Filipino boxer. They observed that he threw a total of 471 punches which is significantly higher to Pacquiao’s 414. However, only 68 of those 471 punches landed; 30 punches fewer than Pacquiao’s.

The final tallies of the fight’s three official judges were all in favor of Mayweather. In the official scorecards, the scores were tallied accordingly: Glenn Feldman 116-112, Burt Clements 116-112, Dave Moretti 118-110. However, in the alternative scorecard made by Boxing News 24’s team, they came up with a draw: 114-114.

A number of personalities support these statistics from Boxing News 24 and they have been openly expressing their thoughts to the media since the night of the fight. Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton spoke at the Spanish Grand Prix claiming that when he was watching the fight, he really felt that Pacquiao won. He described the Filipino boxer as “the attacking one.”

Moreover, even more reliable sources also think that Pacquiao won the fight like seasoned boxer Evander Holyfield. After the fight, he shared his observations that Pacquiao landed more punches than Mayweather.

“Well, I actually thought he did. The fact of the matter is you are the most aggressive one, you hitting him with shots. He [Mayweather] was the one blocking shots. Pacquiao seemed to hit him more times than he hit Pacuqiao,” Holyfield said.

[image via Getty Images]