WWE News: Big Update On Dean Ambrose’s Backstage Support, Top Name Demanding Better Usage Of Ambrose?

WWE decided recently to add WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose to the WWE World Heavyweight Title match at WWE Payback that is set to take place this Sunday. The decision was made seemingly last minute last week. The concept was done for two reasons. The first was because WWE felt several PPVs with triple threat matches simply was too much. The second reason is because WWE wanted to slowly start to push Ambrose.

The Inquisitr reported last week that Dean Ambrose had support backstage with many people. While Ambrose has not spoken out about his role with WWE, others have been vocal for him. Many feel he is not being used well enough, especially since his character is quite popular right now. In a time when WWE needs stars, it only makes sense to have Ambrose used in a major way whether he is a face or heel. It was uncertain who all was behind the push of Ambrose, but it was widely assumed that it had to be someone of interest.

Now, according to Daily Wrestling News, it appears that a high profile WWE Superstar that is very well known is pushing for it. This very well could be a John Cena or Randy Orton. On top of this, a top producer for WWE is also calling for it. This is potentially why something is being done. If the top tier names weren’t behind the move, chances are that we would never see it.

Ambrose is also well liked backstage and has done everything right since signing with the company years ago.

He is a guy WWE can count on, who never seems to get injured and is as tough as they come. Dean is also a skilled mic worker who can create an amazing promo to match any in WWE. However, he can also wrestle as well as anyone in WWE as well. His matches with people like Seth Rollins in 2014 were considered match of the year candidates.

While Ambrose has never spoken to WWE executives directly about being underutilized, we all know he has been. WWE used him to help push Rollins and Bray Wyatt last year. At the start of this year, he was starting to get a little love but given no real storyline to work with. Dean Ambrose as a character is too popular to not use well. Since the man playing the character is fantastic, there is no reason to push this aside.

Dean Ambrose is now set for the WWE World Title match at Payback, which is cool to see. While he won’t win, he at least is being used in a main event picture for a change. It is widely assumed that while Ambrose may not win at Payback, he very well could be the next Intercontinental Champion at WWE’s Elimination Chamber PPV at the end of the month. We will have to wait and see if that is the case however.

[IMG Credit: IGN.com]