Terrence Howard Says Ex-Wife Is Extorting Him Over Nude Pictures

Terrence Howard says his ex-wife is extorting him, according to TMZ. Michelle Ghent is allegedly blackmailing Terrence by threatening to show nude photos and videos of her ex-husband to the world. The Empire actor is already paying Ghent $5,800 a month, even though they were married only one year. She is threatening to blackmail him for even more.

Howard married Michelle Ghent in 2010. Their divorce was finalized in 2013. This was before Howard became a star on the hit show Empire on Fox. Ghent later filed a lawsuit that granted her money from Howard’s Empire earnings.


The Root reported that Howard claims that Ghent is trying to blackmail him by releasing photos and videos that expose details about his genitals. The Empire actor is also claiming that he has Ghent on tape threatening to tell women that he gave her an STD.

“Howard and his legal team are filing paperwork to end her spousal support because she is allegedly blackmailing him with pictures and videos that could ruin his career.”

Howard has been paying Ghent for four years, but he just filed legal documents for a judge to throw out the divorce settlement for the last year left on the spousal support agreement.

Although the marriage only lasted for one year, Howard also must pay her a percentage of the money he makes from Empire. Howard is saying in court documents filed by his lawyer, Brian Kramer, that he only agreed to the settlement because Ghent said she would expose nude photos of him and more.

According to new documents, the ex-wife stands to benefit greatly from Howard’s great success on Empire. That’s because the deal is that Michelle will get 21 percent of anything Terrence made over $62,500 in the first three months of this year. Michelle says Terrence earned $125,000 per episode this year, and he is expected to earn even more next year. Terrence has another show called Wayward Pines that debuts on Fox this year, and Michelle wants some of the money from that show also.

Howard’s lawyer, Brian Kramer, claims Michelle was entitled to only half-a-year’s worth of spousal support since they were married for one year, but Terrence agreed to five years’ worth of support because of the blackmail.

Michelle Ghent was Terrence Howard’s second wife. Their divorce was finalized in May of 2013. Howard wed his third wife, model/restauranteur Mira Pak, in late 2013. In January of 2015, it was announced that they are expecting their first child together.

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