Thomas Ravenel Furious With Andy Cohen: Was Election Pushed By Bravo?

Thomas Ravenel has big political ambitions and he is often using his platform on Southern Charm to promote his dreams and desires. In fact, this season, he announced that he would be running for office, and he spent many hours campaigning. But apparently, things didn’t go down as fans saw on the show according to Thomas.

Apparently, Thomas Ravenel strongly thinks that Andy Cohen and the Bravo team had something to do with his political career not going as expected. Ravenel is apparently accusing Andy and his team for pushing him into making his candidacy announcement on Watch What Happens Live, even though Cohen denies it.

According to a new Bravo report, Thomas Ravenel is supposedly upset with Bravo and with Andy Cohen for pushing him to make a political announcement while visiting Watch What Happens Live last year. Apparently, Thomas feels that Andy and the producers pushed him to announce his run for office, so they had a storyline. But he feels very humiliated by the outcome.

“He blames me, he says I goaded him into running for office,” Andy Cohen has revealed about Thomas Ravenel’s political move, adding, “But I was told when I came to Watch What Happens Live that he had an announcement to make, that he was going to announce his candidacy, but he somehow thought that I was ‘making him’ announce his candidacy. I have no idea.”

Thomas Ravenel claims that a Real Housewives producer convinced him to change the news. He wanted to announce the birth of his child, but Thomas claims that producer told him to change the announcement. Andy claims that this isn’t true and that Thomas could have said anything. What Ravenel says on the show isn’t necessarily going to reach the press.

“I was going to make an announcement that my child was being born, and at the last second Andy Cohen said, ‘Announce that you’re running for the U.S. Senate,’ so I made a nationwide promise that I was going to run,” Thomas Ravenel claims.

Cohen explains that he will have to talk to Thomas when they get together to film the Southern Charm reunion. And there will be plenty of things to talk about. Thomas is furious that Kathryn Calhoun may have cheated on him with Craig Conover. But according to the Inquisitr, Ravenel did spend Easter with Kathryn and their daughter, Kensington.

What do you think of Thomas Ravenel’s accusations? Do you think Andy pressured him into sharing the news?

[Image via Bravo]