Massachusetts Beach Brawl Video: Fight At Revere Beach Involved 100 People, Cops

Many Massachusetts beach brawl videos are starting to go viral since the Mother’s Day fight grew so out of control that at least 100 people, including cops, were involved in the Revere Beach brawl.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, a video showing a fight over a parking spot ended with both women being arrested. Ludacris’ pool brawl began at a Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao party, and Jamie Foxx and Will Smith’s son Trey became surrounded by violence.

Revere Police Sgt. Charlie Ovino estimated that around 300 to 400 people gathered around the fight, which made it very difficult to break up the Massachusetts beach brawl.

“It’s very busy down there because of the weather, and then one thing happens, and no one wants to leave,” he said. “It was extremely bad. We sent our prisoner wagon and it couldn’t even make it through.”

WHDH reports that the Revere Beach brawl began over a stolen handbag. Police made three arrests on the beach due to the thievery, but the incident drew a crowd which then became violent.

Witnesses say two women were fighting over the purse, and when the boyfriends joined in, so did their friends. One witness even claims that a girl involved in the massive brawl punched a police officer in the face.

“It just kept building and building and more people getting upset about their friends being taken into custody,” said Tyler Wade, a witness to the Massachusetts beach brawl.

“Everybody started screaming people were throwing full cans of coke in the air trying to hit cop cars,” said another witness.

Police from multiple communities were called in to stop the Revere Beach brawl from escalating any further. Troopers from three Massachusetts State Police barracks, as well as Revere, Boston, and Lynn, were on the scene. Oddly enough, no injuries were officially reported although the violence was claimed to have involved hundreds, but apparently much of the “fighting” involved throwing plastic bottles at each other.

According to NECN, state police said nine people, including five females and four males, were charged with disorderly conduct for being involved in the Massachusetts beach brawl. Only one male arrested on Revere Beach was an adult. The brawlers are expected to be arraigned on Monday in Chelsea District Court.