‘RHONY’ Sneak Peek: Bethenny Frankel Has An Emergency, Pees On The Side Of The Road [Video]

'RHONY' Season Seven Cast

In a new RHONY sneak peek, cast member Bethenny Frankel is seen peeing on the side of the road. During a trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey from New York City, the Skinnygirl mogul needs to make an emergency pit stop, but unfortunately, there are no bathrooms around.

“I have to pee! Can you stop anywhere? The street? Anything. I have to pee,” Frankel frantically tells her limousine driver in the May 8 RHONY sneak peek by Radar Online.

As the RHONY sneak peek continues, Frankel attempts to get wipes from one of her co-stars. However, according to cast member Dorinda Medley, using wipes isn’t a good idea.

“Don’t use a wet wipe on your ——, you’ll hurt it,” Medley tells Frankel in the RHONY sneak peek.

With Frankel moving around in the limo, and her co-stars firing differing opinions at her, Frankel becomes more and more concerned, demanding the limo driver pull to the side of the road. When he does, Frankel doesn’t hesitate and begins urinating.

“It’s the best feeling ever. It feels so good.”

Although most of the ladies remain in the limo during the RHONY sneak peek, Sonja Morgan went with Frankel, umbrella in tow, to catch a peek at the action, which she does.

In a second RHONY sneak peek of the May 12 episode, Heather Thomson and Ramona Singer are seen battling one another in the limo. A few seasons later, it is Frankel and Morgan who appear to be at odds.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Frankel and Morgan’s relationship appeared strained on previous episode of the show, during which Frankel questioned the team behind Morgan’s new clothing line. According to Radar Online, Frankel believed Morgan was being a bit naive when it came to her business dealings.

“I happen to have an international brand and barely have that many people with those fancy titles, so there is definitely smoke and mirrors there.”

In response to Frankel’s concerns, Morgan also weighed in on her blog.

“It’s understandable Bethenny’s taking a shortcut into my saga since she is busy adjusting to being single, going through a divorce, raising her daughter, and running a huge business, but she shouldn’t comment so strongly if she doesn’t understand the complexity of my situation quite yet.”

Although Frankel’s comments weren’t a part of either of the new RHONY sneak peek clips, that could very well be what causes tension between the two women in Atlantic City.

To watch the full RHONY sneak peek, check out the video below:

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