‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Brady And Paul Face Off, JJ Accused Of Dealing Drugs

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week reveal that newly found brothers Brady Black and Paul Norita will face off. The pair, who will eventually have to learn to live in Salem together and have some sort of civil relationship for the sake of their father, John Black, will have a “prickly” encounter with one another, according to We Love Soaps.

Brady could be a little on edge because his life has been totally flipped upside down. Not only is he finding out that he has a new brother he had no idea about, but he recently discovered that he and Theresa had a child together that was taken by Kristen DiMera. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Brady and Theresa went to Italy to take on Kristen and came home to Salem with their baby boy who had been named Christopher.

Now, Brady will have to deal with becoming a new father to a son who needs a bone marrow transplant because of his immune disease, establishing a civil relationship with Theresa Donovan who is the mother of that child, juggling his changing relationship with girlfriend Melanie Jonas, and a finding out he has a long lost brother in Paul Norita. It’s no wonder Brady could be a little temperamental, Celeb Dirty Laundry reports.

Meanwhile, in Salem, JJ and Paige will also find themselves dealing with more drama, thanks to Paige’s mother Eve and JJ’s nemesis Cole. Eve is obviously not over the feelings she had for her daughter’s boyfriend JJ and has decided to enlist the help of Cole to break the couple up. Well, Cole had the bright idea that he would get JJ busted for dealing drugs again, and this week Roman Brady will arrest JJ as it looks like he’s back in the drug business. Can JJ and Paige survive yet another hurdle in their relationship?

As all of this is going on, Marlena Evans will try to explain herself and the situation that happened in Italy with Kristen to her brother, Chad DiMera. Chad has lost all of his siblings, as EJ and Kristen are now both dead, or so it seems. Marlena, being partially responsible for the fall that killed Kristen, will offer her explanation to Chad, but it will likely not help ease his grief.

Days of Our Lives fans will also see Lucas Horton take on his mother, Kate Roberts, in the business world. Lucas will reportedly vow to take down his mother and destroy her company.

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[Photo Credit: NBC]