Ben Carson: Vladimir Putin A Bully, World War 3 With Russia An Option If Carson Is President

According to Ben Carson, Vladimir Putin is bullying the world, and the 2016 presidential candidate believes that if war with Russia was “necessary,” then he would take the United States military into battle. Unfortunately, if this were to ever occur, many experts believe this would be the beginning of World War 3.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Ben Carson has revealed a new tax plan that he says is based upon the Bible. Some have compared Carson to Herman Cain, but some say the only major similarity is that they are both black Republicans who want to be President of the United States.

Many tough words have been used to describe Vladimir Putin ever since the Ukraine crisis began, but the actions and remarks made by Russian officials has only heightened fear over time. Denmark has been threatened with Russia’s nuclear weapons if the Danes join the NATO missile defense shield initiative. Some Russians even said that the Yellowstone volcano should be targeted with a single tactical nuke in order to wipe out the United States without using a barrage of nuclear missiles. The United States government is apparently taking such threats fairly seriously, since the Cheyenne Mountain complex was re-opened, and that bunker is only very useful in the case of a nuclear attack.

President Barack Obama has been hesitant to give Ukraine military aid, since he believes it could cause the situation in Ukraine to escalate even further. But the U.S. military has recently been requesting “bigger guns” in order to prepare for open war between Ukraine and Russia.

While the 2016 presidential elections are still quite a ways away, Ben Carson was asked if would use military force against if he happened to be president when the confrontation turned deadly. Carson acknowledged he would consider military force, but only if the United States’ safety was clearly at risk.

“I would, obviously, do that in consultation with very competent generals and people who are more knowledgeable in that area than I would be,” said Carson, according to the Associated Press. “But, clearly, if the interest and the existence and the safety of the people of the United States was at stake — and that was the only way to protect them — of course, I would do whatever was necessary.”

What do you think about Ben Carson’s comments? Do you think he would make a good President of the United States?

[Image via Bill Pugliano/Getty Images]