Belinda Stuckey Has Been On 136 First Dates, Yet To Go On A Second

Online dating is a terrifying ordeal for pretty much everyone who ever ventures onto it. Most people slowly do acclimate to it though, and eventually get used to this modern way to find love. However one, Belinda Stuckey, is still struggling to do just that, even though she has been on 136 first dates. The thing is she’s not been on a second date yet.

The 35-year-old school teacher from Sydney claims that ever since joining eHarmony, she has been on 136 dates in just 17 months. She just hasn’t decided that any of them are worth seeing for a second time. And then those that she does actually like end up not liking her for some reason. But even though she has yet to even come close to finding Mr. Right, Stuckey insists that she hasn’t given up just yet.

Stuckey explained to E! News, “I know who I am and what I want and I just can’t find a man who is worthy of my time and attention. Now that is not meant to sound aggressive. It is more about being confident in who I am and knowing myself.”

It’s not that Belinda Stuckey hasn’t had her fair share of suitors though. In fact eHarmony has allegedly matched Stuckey with around 4,700 men since she joined. That’s believed to be around 10 matches a day.

Stuckey knows exactly why she hasn’t been able to match up to anyone that meets her standards though. Stuckey explained, “I have found that men here are becoming more and more feminine not just in looks, but in demeanor too. I need and want a man’s man. Someone who can make a decision at least!”

Meanwhile Stuckey believes that most of the men she meets only fall into two characters; either they just want her for sex or they immediately want to be in a relationship.

“They are more concerned about finding someone to sleep with than someone to get to know and love,” she explained. “What has happened to society? In Sydney at least.”

But despite these issues with the site, Stuckey, who was previously in a four-year relationship but has spent the last three years single, is still confident that she’ll find love though.

“I do believe there is a man out there for me and my advice for other singles who are struggling to find The One is just to stay positive and realize that rejection is inevitable and think of each date as a new experience and a learning tool,” she enthused.

[Image via Independent]