Nene Leakes Cries Over Her Mother And Father As People Search For Their Names, Death Information [Video]

Nene Leakes ended up being the star of the biggest drama on the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show on Sunday evening. So much so that the hashtag #RHOA became one of the top trending topics on Twitter. The normally stone-faced Nene broke down when talk turned to her mother. It turned out to be an appropriate episode for Mother's Day.

Once Dr. Jeff came onto the RHOA reunion set, that's when the truth about Leakes' mother came out from Nene's own mouth.

"My mother didn't raise me. My father never claimed me. I have been lied to, I have been cheated on. I have been in an abusive relationship."
Nene didn't want to be a victim, she said. Dr. Jeff said he knew about Nene's mother abandoning her — and that he wanted her to tell the group herself. The therapy session would've been the perfect time for Nene to express abandonment feelings by her mother and father.
"Your pain is part of your power."
Once Nene's confession was out in the air, she began to shake and break down as the others argued around Leakes.
"I can't talk about my mom!"
Dr. Jeff asked Nene how she was feeling, and that's when Leakes began really crying. The therapist urged the others to listen to Nene and then begin directly talking to her. Cynthia Bailey complimented Nene on how far she'd made it, despite her horrible upbringing. Leakes kept reiterating that she couldn't talk about her mother.

Cynthia ran to her side and offered tissues and hugs. Kenya urged Kandi to come over, but Kandi wanted to know exactly what was going on with Nene and her issues with her mother that caused her to leave.

Kenya Moore agreed that Nene has to face her demons in order for her to heal, reported the Inquisitr.

Supposedly it's a breakthrough, but not every RHOA fan is buying Nene's breakdown. Claudia Jordan at first thought Nene's breakdown over her mother was a stunt, but Cynthia said it was real and that Nene was shaking.

Greg finally clued Andy into the drama a bit more when he explained that Nene's mom had five children. Leakes was one of those five children that her mother felt she couldn't take care of, and that's what has bugged Nene all her life. Born Linnethia Monique Johnson, Nene was sent away to live with her aunt in Athens, Georgia, -- but for all of those Googling information about Leakes' mother and father's real names -- or their death information for that matter -- not much is known.
"It's just hard to really talk about my mom or my dad. I just kind of like leave them in the past."
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