Substitute Teacher Takes Mouthy Kid To Ground, Mom Wants To Have Him Arrested [Video]

Substitute Teacher Arrested: This Mom Wants It

A substitute teacher in Phoenix, Arizona is in hot water tonight after he laid his hands on an admittedly mouthy 13-year-old eighth grader at Bernard Black Elementary School.

(Not a misprint. That’s a 13-year-old eighth grader… at an elementary school).

The young man copped to the fact that he called the substitute teacher a “racial slur” before the man wrestled him to the ground in front of a student’s cellphone camera.

The altercation occurred in a social studies class. Even though the boy confessed to using salty language with his superior, mom Esther Delafuente wasn’t having any of it, according to Fox News Insider.

Here’s what Delafuente had to say.

“I don’t care what words come out of a child’s mouth, no one should ever put their hands on a child like that…. He’s 13, and 13-year-old kids don’t make good decisions sometimes, but an adult that is 6’5″, a teacher that is big and stocky standing over a child who is chest bumping him…. I want to press charges; I want him arrested.”

In a separate report from the New York Daily News, the substitute teacher was identified as Brett Russell. Delafuente shared a little more on her reasoning and the horror that she felt watching her son be “body-slammed” by the teacher.

“I got a pit in my stomach, I got tears, because you do everything to protect your kids, and you don’t send them to school thinking they are going to get hurt,” Delafuente said. “Thank God my son was OK. He could have hit his head, he could have gotten a concussion.”

Not surprisingly, the mom wasn’t the one winning sympathy from commenters on the Daily News site.

“Arrest his mother,” wrote one commenter. “I don’t blame the teacher. Obviously another kids who can do no wrong in mommy’s eyes and then the send the cretin’s to school and the teachers have to try to manage the little creeps the failed to raise. [sic]”

“Student thought he would get a free pass for being a kid and a bigot?” wrote a second. “Unfortunately the teacher will surely get fired and likely prosecuted for assault but at least he didn’t let the punk’s slur go unanswered.”

“The teacher should be REWARDED. But, with his mommy’s help, encouragement and protection, this little creep will, NO DOUBT, grow up to a career criminal. And we wonder why some kids are so rude, disrespectful, disruptive and out of control?”

Do you think Esther Delafuente is justified in going after the substitute teacher, or should she be more worried about her own? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via Fox News Insider, linked above]