California Girl Saved Mom’s Life By Calling Grandparents In Japan: Mom Is ‘Frozen’

Jovanna Nunez and Madison

A 6-year-old girl from southern California saved her mom’s life when she noticed her mom was in a frozen-like state and decided to call her grandparents for help.

The little girl, Madison, found her mom in bed and not responsive, according to ABC News. Instead of panicking or doing nothing, the girl decided to call her grandparents to see what to do.

Madison’s mother, 30-year-old Jovanna Nunez, was thankful her little girl made that phone call for help. It ultimately saved her life.

“Madison contacted my parents telling them I was frozen. My eyes were wide open, I was unresponsive…My parents live in Japan and they were the ones who told her to call 911.”

Madison remained calm even as the local fire department arrived and saved her mother from the apparent diabetic coma she was in. According to NBC News, paramedics were astonished at how brave the little girl remained when they arrived.

“We pull up in front of the home and the little girl comes out with her iPhone in her hand and said that she was speaking to her mom and her mom became frozen,” Hemet paramedic Chris Galletta said. “I think it’s great, right before Mother’s Day, too. When her mom came to, we told her that she called 911 for her mom and mom had a big smile on her face.”

Nunez woke up when EMTs where surrounding her to help her. She remembers her little girl staying calm and talking on the phone with her parents while she was being treated.

“[Madison] seemed calm and collected when I came to. She was still on the phone with my parents…To my parents she did seem worried, but when I saw her she seemed very calm.”

Nunez credits her daughter for saving her from her “frozen” state and calls her daughter her “hero.” She says she has since told Madison the number to call in an emergency is 911.

“The first thing she told me was that she’s glad that [her grandfather] answered the phone and told her what to do,” Nunez said.

The mother added, “For Mother’s Day I’m going to be pretty much cherishing her. She saved my life.”

The little girl who saved her mother from being “frozen” is likely having a much happier Mother’s Day than she might have been had she not made the decision to pick up the phone to express her concerns to her grandparents. Thankfully, her mother is already feeling better and was released from the hospital later on Saturday.

[Photo by Jovanna Nunez]