Indiana Teen Goes To Junior Prom With Great-Grandmother

junior prom great-grandmother

An Indiana teen took his 93-year-old great-grandmother to the junior prom last Friday and had a good time, even though they only got to dance one dance together before they had to call it a night.

According to the Seymour Tribune, Drew Holm originally didn’t plan to go to the junior prom because he didn’t have a date. He told his great-grandmother he wasn’t going to go to the prom, but 93-year-old Kathryn Keith decided to tease him about it. She didn’t think he’d take her teasing so seriously, Drew said.

“I said, ‘I don’t have a date, and I could care less about it.’ And she said, ‘Well I bought a blue dress, and I’ll go with you.”

Drew’s great-grandmother said she was only teasing, but the junior planned to take her to the prom anyway. So he invited her, and she accepted.

Drew Holm and Kathryn Keith

The perks of inviting your own great-grandmother to the prom are only known to those who attempt it, but one of them may be driving your great-grandmother’s vehicle. Drew got to drive Kathryn’s Cadillac to the prom.

According to the Associated Press, the other students who went to Crothersville High School’s junior prom thought it was “pretty cool” Holm took Keith to the dance.

Kathyrn wore a blue dress, like she had intended, and had her prom picture taken with her great-grandson.

Keith slow danced with her great-grandson to one song before it was time to leave the dance and go home. Keith has an early bedtime, so she left the junior prom around 9 p.m. after she hit the dance floor.

Keith was very proud that she got to go to the junior prom, even if she didn’t get to stay for very long.

Holm was not finished for the night, though. He took his girlfriend to the prom after-party at a bowling alley.

It is likely to be a junior prom event which most other teens do not have a chance or the nerve to do, but Drew Holm cared enough about his great-grandmother to make the day something the both of them will treasure.

[Photo by Bethany Clarke/Getty Images News]