‘GTA 5’ Graphics Mods Are Now In The Works

GTA 5 PC iCEnhancer mod

If you’ve played any game on PC, know that even a game as pretty as Grand Theft Auto 5 would eventually be modded to improve the graphics like many PC games before. GTA 5 PC players who are looking to increase the visual fidelity of their game can do so, thanks to the iCEnhancer mod.

Previously made famous on Grand Theft Auto IV, the iCEnhancer mod does some subtle, yet noticeable changes to how GTA 5 looks. The mod by Hayssam Keilany reduces the amount of fog, removes the background’s blur effect, as well as changes the sun’s color and alters some of the post processing effects on characters.

As a result, the image looks different from the vanilla GTA 5 game, though some still claim they can see no difference. A simple tweet is enough, however, to see the images from the unmodded GTA 5 and a version running the GTA 5 version of iCEnhancer.

The mod is still in early stages, so chances are the visuals will take one a more distinct look from the vanilla GTA 5, but for those looking to add that little bit of graphical edge to their game, you would do well to keep this mod on your radar. And now that Rockstar has cleared up that players won’t be banned for using singleplayer mods in GTA 5, you can use the iCEnhancer mod with no worries.

The iCEnhancer mod has garnered a large following since it simply made Grand Theft Auto IV look stunning. Other games have recieved the graphical upgrade treatment, most noticeably recently The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which boasts mods from enacting improvements to the static meshes in game to 2K+ texture mods. It’s not a surprise that even though GTA 5 looks absolutely stunning at 4K currently, players who have monstrous rigs would want to take advantage of them and boost the look of GTA 5 even further.

Are you looking forward to using GTA 5’s iCEnhancer mod in the near future, or do you think that GTA 5 looks great as-is? Sound off in the comments below.

[Images via iCEnhancer Facebook]