Princess Charlotte Already Has Critics: A Backward Bonnet Fashion Faux Pas?

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana already has fashion critics, and she’s only been seen in public once, just hours after she was born.

On May 2, Princess Charlotte, the daughter of Prince William and Duchess Kate, was born fourth in line to the throne. Numerous people awaited her introduction to the world, and soon enough, William and Kate brought her out to a yelling throng of people. Amazingly, Princess Charlotte slept through it all.

Cradled in her mother’s arms and covered in a light white blanket, the royal baby girl looked especially cozy in her cream bonnet made of wool. While nothing looked out of the ordinary for many people cheering at the arrival and official introduction of Princess Charlotte to the world, others noticed something odd about the baby’s wardrobe.

According to Good Housekeeping, Princess Charlotte’s first fashion faux pas was due to the pretty bonnet on her head worn backwards. If you didn’t notice it was on the wrong way, then you weren’t the only one.

In fact, how did anyone know it was not worn the right way? Ayajo Villar, the person who keeps the clothing item in stock at the children’s clothing boutique, Irulea, where it was purchased, is familiar with how the item is to be worn correctly.

“Yes, she is wearing it backwards. The part that surrounds the face should be on the neck.”

Apparently, the woolen bonnet came with a jersey and slippers and was designed by Spanish baby goods designer Irulea. The store will not say who bought the set for the princess, but there is speculation that the nanny of Charlotte’s big brother, Prince George, may have bought the set, according to The Telegraph. Kensington Palace will not comment on such “private matters.”

“We had contact with someone who wanted to buy some baby things, but it was all very discreet,” Villar told People, “We don’t know who she was. She didn’t want to be seen or noticed.”

It is likely many newborns will find themselves wearing similar bonnets since the princess debuted wearing one. Like Princess Charlotte’s parents, many parents will make the same mistake when putting bonnets on their children. At least they won’t have the added pressure of introducing their newborns to millions of people right after the birth.

Since she’s only a newborn, perhaps the fashion critics can give Princess Charlotte and her busy parents a break this time around.

[Photo by Getty Images]