Husband Discovers His Wife Isn’t Really A Waitress, Her New ‘Career’ Leaves Him Mortified

When one guy lost his job, he and his wife nearly hit rock bottom due to financial hardship. However, things quickly turned around when his wife got a new job working night shifts as a waitress.

Their staggering debt nearly dispelled overnight as a result of all her hard work. However, he quickly learned their good fortune and luck was much more costly than the debt they incurred while struggling. He also discovered his wife was doing a lot more than waiting tables. Her idea of hospitality far exceeded any idea he may have had.

According to Opposing Views, 32-year-old Tatenda Nyika was mortified when he learned his wife’s idea of a “night shift” when he found her prostituting at a local brothel. Miriam Dube told her husband she was a “waitress” but apparently she exactly didn’t offer specific details about the establishment’s brand of “hospitality,” which doesn’t involve serving food. It has been reported that Nyika’s friends and family had voiced their concerns about her rumored “career” change, but initially he refused to believe the allegations. He had to see for himself.

“I kept hearing it from a lot of people, so I decided to follow my wife to her work place and I caught her in the act with another man,” said Nyika.

Pulse reports Nyika stopped by the brothel one night and was mortified to find his wife engaging in a sexual act with another man. Infuriated, he reportedly got into a physical altercation with his wife and her “customer,” identified as Oscar Tafara. He allegedly beat his wife and her suitor.

The three were reportedly arrested and questioned about the fight by local authorities, reports World Wide Weird News. Tafara made it clear he’d simply paid for a service and had absolutely no clue Dube was married. He also argues that nothing he did was wrong.

[Image via Romance Meets Life]