A Simple 3 Step Skin Care Routine That Makes Any Woman Look Like A Star

Although having great skin may seem difficult, a simple skin care routine is the best way to keep skin clear and glowing while reducing the amount of time it takes to care for it. There are many myths related to skin care, according to Today, so before developing a routine, it’s a good idea to understand the most important steps to caring for skin and then selecting the right products to keep skin healthy and avoid irritation.

Three steps is all it takes to get great results.

Step 1 – Choose a gentle skin care cleanser to wash your face each day.

Start by selecting the right cleanser. Determine your skin type first to help you make your selection. The wrong cleanser can cause irritation and won’t make skin clean. If wearing makeup, it’s a good idea to use a gentle product to remove makeup before cleansing. Towelettes are a good choice because they allow you to gently wipe away the makeup and remove the most difficult products like mascara. Once makeup has been removed, it’s time to cleanse the skin.

When washing, keep it gentle. Don’t use any type of scrubber that would also contribute to irritating the skin. Avoid fragrances, parabens, and harsh soap, as they can also dry and irritate the skin. There are plenty of tutorials available online to show you how to wash your face.

If oily skin is a problem, then consider using a toner to finish the job. Avoid products that contain alcohol, as they are drying and may increase oil production. Wash at night and then rinse face in the morning to avoid drying out skin.

Step 2 – Use the right moisturizer to protect skin and care for any issues skin may have.

Even if you have oily skin, a moisturizer is still a good idea because it can protect skin and help to correct any problems with the skin. If skin is oily, choose a water-based moisturizer. Again, avoid any fragrances, especially if skin is sensitive.

Choose a moisturizer based on any skin problems you may have and can be used both day and night. The fewer products used, the better. Mixing too many products that contain ingredients that are irritating can cause even further irritation. Many products today do double duty and allow you to treat multiple problems, such as fine lines and age spots. Read the labels to help you select the right product and try as many products as necessary to find the ones that work the best for you. Skin care doesn’t have to be expensive. Choose what works.

Step 3 – Use sunblock to protect skin from the sun, prevent wrinkles and reduce the chances of age spots.

Although a little sunshine is good for Vitamin D production, it also causes wrinkles, age spots, and other skin problems that make skin look old. A good sunscreen helps prevent any problems and keeps skin looking younger longer.

When choosing a sunscreen, select at least an SPF 15, although a higher SPF is better. No matter the SPF of the product, it is still necessary to put it on your skin more than once a day if spending time in the sun. Wearing foundation that includes sunscreen simply isn’t enough because most products don’t contain enough sunscreen to protect the skin, reports the Elwood City Ledger.

If skin is oily, again, consider a water-based product. For those who are active, a waterproof product is a better choice, as it lasts longer and will stay on after application.

If you’ve tried everything to make your skin look great and it’s still irritated, consider using your kitchen to help you develop the right skin care routine. Natural products, like baking soda or lemon juice, work well for cleansing and can actually be more gentle when used correctly. You don’t have to be Megan Fox to have great skin. Just develop the right routine and select the best products for you.

[Photo Credit 7 Beauty Tips]