Nuclear Power Plant Explosion At Indian Point: What Happened?

In Westchester, New York, there was an explosion on Saturday at the Entergy nuclear power plant at Indian Point. Smoke could be seen from a distance as it rose into the atmosphere. But what caused it?

As noted via its Twitter page, the “Indian Point Energy Center is owned & operated by Entergy Corporation, one of the nation’s leading nuclear generators.”

Entergy deals with a lot of energy sources,and sometimes, things overcharge and explode. This was possibly the case on May 9, 2015, at Indian Point. As reported NBC, one of the nuclear power plant’s transformers blew.

It came from the facility’s Unit 3. As noted in the same report, this power plant’s section at Indian Point powers approximately five percent of the state of New York. Yet, as far as New York City, it powers nearly 25 percent.

Just to note, since nuclear power plants generate massive amounts of energy, an explosion isn’t something to take lightly anywhere within the facility.

This is possibly why Entergy at Indian Point rushed to alleviate the situation and calm the public. As minor as it may have seemed, a series of unfortunate events could have caused other things to happen if it had not been handled. Under Murphy’s Law, “anything that can happen will happen.” And that’s not what’s needed at such a facility.

Throughout the day, the Indian Point nuclear plant has been keeping the public updated via its Twitter page. Some of the power plant’s tweets are as follows.

As mentioned in the tweets, there were no injuries or fatalities in the power plant situation.

The Nuclear Safety Project director, Dave Lochbaum, said that they use oil to keep the transformers cooled. And given that perimeter at Indian Point, an electrical short may have caused the explosion. He also quotes as follows.

“Transformer explosions are not uncommon — they happen roughly three or four times a year across the industry.”

In this particular situation, the nuclear power plant categorized the event as a low-ranking “unusual.”

What are your thoughts about the Indian Point nuclear situation? What do you think cause the power plant’s transformer explosion? You agree with the director?

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[Photo Credits: Robert Laberge/Getty Images Entertainment]