Watch As Tourists Run From Bears In Yellowstone National Park [Video]

Tourists were seen crowding in on three black bear cubs in a section of Yellowstone National Park to get photographs. However, the mama bear was not happy with the tourists' close proximity to her cubs and began to chase the intruders away. The tourists didn't seem to grasp the full gravity of the situation until a park Ranger began yelling, "Keep going! Go! Go!"

In the video, you can see the tourists begin to slowly scatter as the mama bear runs into the crowd of people photographing the cubs. Instead of quickly getting out of her way, numerous tourists can be seen stopping to capture photos of the angry mama bear. It isn't until a park ranger, seemingly the only knowledgeable party in the area, tells the people to keeping going that they understand they are actually in danger.

Yellowstone Park Ranger John Kerr is the voice of reason in the video and can be heard frantically telling the tourists to "Keeping going! Go! Go!" He repeatedly has to tell people to go as they continue to stop for more pictures. NBC News reports that Bob Gibson, Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Communication & Education Program Manager, felt the tourists were in real danger and they didn't even seem to know it.

"These tourists were absolutely in danger. Black bears are usually shy of people. But you put them with their cubs and they get really protective. You never want to be between a bear and its cub."

Gibson notes that if the cubs had been any younger, the encounter could have turned deadly.

"Had they been the young of the year and 10 days old, the mom would have been all over the tourists."

Sadly, it seems that tourists will continue to do stupid things when it comes to being near bears. Recently, the National Forest Service discussed closing parks due to the high number of dangerous "Bear Selfies" that were showing up online and putting tourists in extreme danger.

Does the behavior of these tourists around the mama bear and her cubs surprise you?