Georgia School Principal Makes Racist Remarks During Graduation Ceremony


A video posted online shows a Georgia school principal making racist remarks during the school’s graduation, The Grio is reporting.

During graduation ceremonies at the TNT Academy in Lilburn, Georgia, principal Nancy Gordeuk upset the entire crowd – blacks and whites alike – with her racist remarks.

During the graduation ceremony, the principal inadvertently dismissed the students before the valedictorian was able to give his speech – the blog GA Followers reports that the principal was “unorganized” throughout the graduation – and students and parents were leaving the building and headed toward their cars when the principal realized her mistake.

Trying to corral the attendees back into the room for the valedictorian’s speech, the visibly agitated principal – calling attendees “goobers” and “cowards” – then delivers this zinger.

“Look who’s leaving… all the black people!”

At that point, the crowd erupts in anger and everyone starts to leave. The racist remark occurs at 1:20 in video posted above.

TNT Academy is a nontraditional private school for middle and high school students who may not be properly served by the public education system, according to its website. Students are encouraged to engage in independent study under the direction of a teacher, rather than submit to a pre-determined curriculum, as they would in a more traditional public or private school.

“The Purpose of TNT Academy is to encourage academic success by providing opportunities for students to develop strengths and overcome challenges. TNT provides a personalized and positive learning environment which enables each student to reach their potential.”

The description under the video posted above on YouTube indicate that the school principal has been accused of racism before, but doesn’t back up that claim with specifics.

“There have been multiple allegations in the past accusing the school, and it’s founder Nancy Gordeuk of hold disparaging views towards people of color and this was proved at yesterday’s graduation ceremony.”

Twitter user @2kAdil claims to have heard the principal call Barack Obama a Muslim while he or she was a student at TNT Academy.

I was once a student of the teacher in the video I been knew she was racist. 1 day I was talking about Obama and she goes Ew He’s a Moozlum

— Adil (@2kAdil) May 9, 2015

Blogger Tabias Wilson, writing for BlaQueerFlow, says that he looked through the TNT academy’s suggested reading list and found no required books by black authors.

Regardless of the merits of past accusations of racism, one thing remains clear about the TNT Academy principal based on this video: when under pressure and seemingly losing control, the principal isn’t above letting loose with some racist remarks.