High School Principal Arrested After Being Caught In Back Seat Of A Car Smoking Weed With Her Student

A high school principal was arrested Wednesday after she was caught in the back seat of a car, smoking marijuana with one of her students, police told The Orlando Sentinel.

Krista Morton, 45, a high school principal at Mavericks High School in North Palm Beach, Florida, was arrested along with her 18-year-old student after police received a call from someone saying there were suspicious people doing suspicious things in a car.

According to a police report, officers found the high school principal smoking weed with her student just before 8:30 p.m. Wednesday. The high school principal was allegedly found with her shirt unbuttoned at a park in North Palm Beach with the unnamed male student.

The police report on the high school principal’s arrest says the person who called 911 said they didn’t know “if people were engaged in sexual activity or they were being attacked.”

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The Orlando Sentinel provided more details on the incident.

“An officer knocked on the window of the car and Morton opened the door, telling the officers the two were ‘just friends.’ She said she had picked up the teen on the side of the road because she was lonely and wanted to get to know him, police said. According to the report, Morton’s shirt was unbuttoned, exposing her shoulders and part of her chest.’”

However, according to the report, the teen said he was a student and Morton was his high school principal. Officers claimed they could smell marijuana as they were debriefing the high school principal and her student. While the high school principal would not own up to smoking the marijuana, which was found in a plastic container in the car, she did say some had been smoked.

The high school principal and her student are both charged with possession of marijuana.

According to WPFB, this is not the first time the high school principal has been in trouble with a school.

Morton resigned from another high school while the school’s performance was under investigation.

The school was eventually shut down in 2011 because of multiple issues, including reports that students were not meeting state graduation requirements, courses did not comply with state standards, and students were given inflated grades.

Do you think the high school principal will keep her job?

[Photo via the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office]