Josh Murray Using Dog Sabel To Go ‘Mommy Hunting’

Josh Murray was getting ready to plan his wedding and future with Andi Dorfman when the two walked the red carpet together at Chris Soules’ Bachelor premiere party. Josh and Andi had met one another on the previous season of The Bachelorette and had been spending time in Atlanta as the show was airing. However, Murray and Dorfman quickly realized that they weren’t necessarily great for one another.

Josh Murray has been keeping a low profile over the past couple of months. He has been working on his career and he has been flying around the country to make appearances. But it sounds like Josh and Andi are not talking these days, as Dorfman decided to leave Atlanta and start her life over in New York.

According to a new The Stir report, Josh Murray may also be looking to start over, as he has been searching for a new woman. Apparently, he is ready to date again and he only has one lady in his life these days; his dog Sabel. But she doesn’t stand in the way of him finding romance. Instead, Murray may be using his dog to find love.

In other words, Josh Murray’s fans just need to be in the right park at the right time and love dogs. Some people may interpret Josh’s tweet as him wanting to find a woman who will mother his children, but others could simply see this as an innocent flirt. Murray wants a girlfriend who he can have fun with.

It sounds like Murray wants to find a girl, who loves Sabel as much as he does. He has called his dog his best friend, and his future woman can clearly not be a cat person. She needs to love Sabel, even though she will often rip up the couch, or maybe misbehave when Josh Murray isn’t around.

But it is about time that Murray moves on. Andi Dorfman has been posting pictures of herself on Instagram, flirting with trainers and guys at the Kentucky Derby. Dorfman has also been rumored to be dating a new man, according to several new reports. But she has yet to confirm the news. As for Josh, he has already revealed what he looks for in a woman. According to the Inquisitr, Josh Murray would be happy to find a new woman, who could potentially become a wife.

What do you think of Josh Murray using his dog to find women?

[Image via Instagram]