5 Seconds Of Summer: Michael Clifford Tries To Look Like Cruella De Vil, Channels Miley Cyrus Instead

Michael Clifford loves to experiment with his hair, but he still hasn’t quite mastered the art of the DIY dye job.

According to Sugarscape, Michael Clifford has confessed that his current blue hue was just a happy accident — the 5 Seconds of Summer guitarist was hoping to look more like Cruella De Vil and less like Marge Simpson.

It’s a bit odd that Michael suffered such a major color mix-up. After all, the musician has already proved that he’s perfectly capable of making himself look like the long-lost son of a notorious puppy killer.

Michael Clifford’s dye job doesn’t look too bad, so he could have played it off like he meant to do it. Some 5 Seconds of Summer fans even think that it looks pretty rad.

However, other fans are concerned that Michael is switching up his hair color too often. He’s tried to channel every My Little Pony character by dying his locks every color of the rainbow, and fans fear that all that bleaching and coloring is eventually going to take its toll on his scalp.

5SOS fans aren’t the only ones who have sounded off about the state of Michael Clifford’s scalp. As the Inquisitr previously reported, his ex-girlfriend has also let him know that he should fear for the future of his follicles. In her song “You Suck,” Abigail Breslin sings about how she hopes that Michael’s addiction to bleach will make his hair fall out.

Perhaps Michael Clifford should heed these warnings and keep his blue hair for an extended period of time — the color does seem to be hot right now. Popcrush points out that Miley Cyrus rocked blue locks at the Met Gala, and Kylie Jenner and Hilary Duff have also experimented with different shades of blue.

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Do you think Michael Clifford needs to cool it with the hair color by sticking with his bold blue hue until it fades out?

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