Hilary Duff Debuts Turquoise Hair: Is She Morphing Into Kylie Jenner?

Hilary Duff is back from her beach vacation and is already changing up her hair. The Younger star showed off her new turquoise tips on Instagram. The media is already saying that Hilary is channeling Kylie Jenner in her new selfie.

Duff was photographed in an all-white ensemble, says Us Weekly. She debuted her new hair color to her 3 million followers on the photo sharing app. Duff captioned the photo: “@Ambahhh turned me into a mermaid last night … love all u girls @riawnacapri @nikkilee901 @ninezerone xx.”


Not all of her fans are loving her new look. Some asked her: “Are you Kylie Jenner?” Others commented, “Really?” and “Why did you do it?”

Stylist Amber Maynard shared a hair color chart on her Instagram account. As you can see, Hilary’s new hair color is called “Washed Up Mermaid.” You could say that Hilary turned into a mermaid overnight!

She captioned the photo: “Inspiration chart! I’m totally feeling the Awkward Peach and Washed Out Orange! What color inspires you?!!”


Us Weekly notes that the 27-year-old mother is also rocking dark roots that turned into a turquoise ombre shade.

It’s not a total shock that Duff changed her hair color. The singer was seen with brunette hair during her Dignity album era.


The Huffington Post noted that she chopped her long blonde locks into an “edgy bob” last spring. Hilary also told People StyleWatch that she likes to experiment with different styles.

“I love that you can just take on a different role. You can just put something on and all of a sudden you’ve morphed into something different. It brings out a tone in your personality and you get to play with that.”

Duff has been getting a lot sexier and edgier lately. She recently shared a bikini selfie on Instagram since divorcing ex-husband Mike Comries. She also hinted that she lost her virginity at age 16 to much-older boyfriend Joel Madden. Jenner’s not the only one who’s known for having a much-older boyfriend. Duff, who’s usually known as Hollywood’s good girl, revealed that she’s hard her share of secret hookups.

Maynard allegedly turned Hilary into a “mermaid” at the Nine Zero One Salon, says Hollywood Life. This West Hollywood Salon includes other services like spray tans, manicures, and makeup.

Fans have been wondering if Duff is still Kylie Jenner’s iconic turquoise hair, which she has been seen without for a while. She became known for dying the ends of her dark hair an ombre turquoise color. Hollywood Life added that Jenner has worn her hair both long and short while she rocked the edgy hair color.

Hilary Duff’s not the only celebrity that Kylie’s inspired lately. Kim Kardashian told People magazine that she would love to have turquoise hair.

“I think it would be really fun to try that short turquoise hair that Kylie has.”

Do you think that Hilary Duff was inspired by Kylie Jenner?

[Images: Hilary Duff, Kylie Jenner via Instagram]

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