Kym Johnson Posts Pic Of Her ‘Cutie’ On Instagram

Kym Johnson put in some long days teaching Robert Herjavec how to dance on Dancing With the Stars. After the pair were eliminated from the competition earlier this week, they had to participate in some of the customary television appearances. Now that she has some downtime, Johnson is relaxing a bit. She’s taking in some television and cuddling with her “cutie.”

Kym Johnson of 'Dancing With the Stars' and Lola
Kym Johnson of 'Dancing With the Stars' has a cuddle partner in her dog Lola. (Credit: Kym Johnson/Instagram)

Robert Herjavec, Johnson’s rumored love interest throughout this Dancing With the Stars season, knows he can’t compete with Lola. Several weeks back, in response to ever-present questions about the nature of their partnership, Herjavec said Johnson was “already in a relationship,” referring to her lovable Maltese.

DWTS hasn’t been the only commitment on Johnson’s agenda these past couple of weeks.

Kym Johnson made a guest appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race Monday and told People it was a little outside her comfort zone. After several seasons on the U.S. version of Dancing With the Stars she was a judge on the Australian version of the program. Her background as a professional dancer did not completely prepare her for the unique drag challenge.

“I’m usually teaching a celebrity, and I’m the pro, so that, when you’re out on the dance floor, you know that at least one member of the partnership can sort of pull the other one through if they get lost… but when you have two people in the same situation, that makes it really nerve-racking because either one of them could mess up, and it’s hard to get it back.”

Although Johnson has some current downtime from Dancing With the Stars and, rumor has it, accompanied Herjavec to Chicago where he was giving a speech, she may be back for the season finale when the show traditionally celebrates all of its contestants.

As for her dancing partner Robert Herjavec, he joked to E! News that he may be financially destitute after eight weeks away from his job and have to move in with Johnson. No word on how Lola might feel about that.

Dancing With the Stars airs Monday and Tuesday on ABC.

[Kym Johnson image courtesy of Getty]