WWE News: Owen Hart DVD And Blu-ray On The Horizon

For years, wrestling fans have been calling for WWE to induct the legendary Owen Hart into the WWE Hall of Fame. However, year after year has gone by without an Owen induction. There are many reasons for this, notably what has been a rocky relationship between WWE and Owen's widow, Martha. However, it appears one of the first hurdles to an eventual Owen Hart WWE Hall of Fame induction has been cleared.

According to a Thursday report from Wrestling DVD News, WWE is currently in the production phase of a DVD and Blu-ray set, which includes a full-length documentary, focused on the late Owen Hart. The most surprising news coming out of the report is that Martha Hart is giving full cooperation on the project, as is the rest of Owen's family.

The news comes on the day (May 5) that would have been Owen Hart's 50th birthday. Owen tragically passed away on May 23, 1999, at the age of 34 after a stunt gone wrong during the WWE Over The Edge PPV event in Kansas City, Missouri. On that night, Owen was set to wrestle The Godfather for the WWE Intercontinental Championship (and was even scheduled to win the belt). At the time, Owen was part of a tag team with Jeff Jarrett called "Canadian Country," while also being involved in a storyline centered around the return of the gimmick that Owen originally used upon his entrance into the WWE in the late 1980s, the Blue Blazer.

That tragic night in Kansas City, Hart was set to wrestle as the Blue Blazer. Owen was scheduled to make a superhero-style entrance, where he would be lowered to the ring from the ceiling of the Kemper Arena. Just before Owen was to be descended from the catwalk high above the ring, his Blue Blazer cape got caught on the quick release mechanism of his body harness, and Owen fell over 70 feet to his death in front of a sold-out crowd. The pay-per-view broadcast was showing a highlight package of events leading up to the match when the tragedy occurred, and no video of the tragedy has ever surfaced. If there was footage, WWE surely destroyed it years ago -- and rightfully so.

Hart's death has long been a somber subject in wrestling circles, and WWE typically does not go out of their way to bring attention to Owen Hart. An Owen Hart WWE Hall of Fame induction, while being something that fans have clamored for, has often seemed like a pipedream. The news of an upcoming WWE produced documentary on the life of Hart would lead one to believe that an eventual WWE Hall of Fame induction is now much more likely.

WWE.com recently released a short video titled Inside The Hart Family Dungeon, which featured new interview footage of Bret Hart talking about his family. According to the Wrestling DVD News report, that footage of Bret is rumored to be part of a longer interview WWE conducted with him as part of the upcoming Owen Hart documentary.

No release date has currently been set for the Owen Hart project.

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