Stray Dog Saves Newborn Baby From Being Eaten By Other Street Dogs

A street dog in Thailand is a true hero. Sadly, two other street dogs were fighting over a live meal — an abandoned newborn baby who was left near a garbage bin. Mr. Noi Pongsakorn, who often fed a liked street dog named Nom Sod (meaning fresh milk), was on his way to buy his own dinner when he saw the other two dogs fighting over something. He thought they were clashing over a doll in the Muang district of the Chonburi providence, according to Life With Dogs.

In swept Nom Sod, seemingly out of thin air. She quickly picked up the bundle after growling at the two warring dogs, as if telling them to stay away. Pongsakorn stated the following, according to Life With Dogs.

“At the time I didn’t think it was a baby and thought it was a doll, until I heard it crying and walked closer to Nom Sod.”

Nom Sod put the baby down after being approached by Pongsakorn, who was holding a stick. The tiny baby girl appeared to be prematurely born, and the police and paramedics were called, according to the Examiner. The baby was four-and-a-half pounds and a pale green and covered in bite and scratch marks. Her condition is unknown.

Police Colonel Chuthares Yingyongdamrongsakul praised Nom Sod’s heroic actions. The courageous dog received some grilled chicken and a new collar as a reward.

The mother of the child is still being sought, and security footage revealed a woman in the area who is believed to be the baby’s mother. A motorcycle was seen in the area about a half hour before the canine scuffle occurred. Nom Sod’s valiant actions have become known in the area, and it’s hoped that someone will give the special dog a loving home.

Dogs are often thought to be man’s best friends. Nom Sod certainly proved to be a hero who saved a baby that would otherwise most likely have been killed.

A new study from researchers at Japan’s Azabu University may explain why dogs are really seen as man’s best friend and explains the bond between man and his canine companion. There is truly a basic connection. According to researchers, when man and dogs look into each other’s eyes, each experiences a surge of oxytocin, the hormone associated with trust and love that is released that is largely responsible for maternal bonding. This physiological response drives maternal caring and increases the bond between mothers and their babies. The release of oxytocin in people and their dogs really acts to strengthen the bonds between them, according to an article in the Inquisitr.

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