Nick Loeb Accuses Sofia Vergara Of Domestic Abuse, Frozen Embryo Battle Turns Nasty

Nick Loeb has accused his former fiancee Sofia Vergara of abusing him, alleging that the Modern Family actress hit him on a number of occasions.

The pair are currently embroiled in a battle over Loeb’s insisting that he wants to use Vergara’s frozen embryos. But during his appearance on Today, via Page Six, co-host Hoda Kotb read out a statement form Loeb’s legal complaint that documents Vergara’s abuse.

“She physically abused him on four separate occasions, she punched him in the face on two occasions, kicked him and threw her phone at his head. She also routinely bullied him, called him a loser, worthless and other degrading names.”

The complaint also stated that Loeb “signed this portion of the form directive, even though he did not agree with it, in order to avoid further abuse.”

During his appearance on Today, Nick Loeb didn’t go into further details about his accusations while he also went into more detail about why he is so vehement that he wants to use the frozen embryos.

“It has nothing to do with her baby or a baby. Lives were already created. A lot of the questions are, ‘Why don’t you move on and meet somebody else?’ No doubt I would love to do that, but doesn’t it matter that two lives have already been created and I wouldn’t just toss aside a child that had been been.”

In fact, Loeb admitted that if Vergara decided to take the embryos and then raise them alongside her new beau Joe Manganiello, who the Hot Pursuit actress became engaged to on Christmas Day 2014, then he would be equally happy. As long as he was still involved.

“As long as I was involved in the parental process. I mean obviously no different than if we had children and I separated, we would have joint custody. They would obviously spend time raising the child and I would spend time raising the child.”

Loeb is adamant that he’s not trying to get back into Vergara’s life, and he insists that the repercussions of his legal pursuit have “bigger, really moral, legal, ethical concepts about lives we’ve already created.”

Meanwhile Vergara insists that her opposition to Loeb’s pursuit is because a child needs a “mother. And a loving… and more than a mother, it needs loving relationship of parents.” Sofa Vergara’s new film, Hot Pursuit, is due out on Friday, and the comedy sees the Colombian actress star alongside Reese Witherspoon.

[Image via Breitbart]