The Federal Government Will Pay For Your Room And Board With One Freakish Catch – It’s In A Haunted Ghost Town

If ever you’ve thought of being left alone, living your life, and not being bothered any living thing…then a town in Garnet, Montana may be the place for you. Making matters even better is that the federal government is even willing to take you as a volunteer and pay for your room and board. Sure, you won’t be bothered by a living thing, but you may end up bothered by something else since it’s one of the most haunted ghost towns anywhere.

Yes, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management wants volunteers that will spend the summer leading tours and providing some visitor information at the historic ghost town in Garnet, Montana.

federal government ghost town garnet montana

According to the volunteer residency program information, volunteers will be allowed to live on the property for free. All they have to do is lead the tours, maintain the property, and assist tourists that are visiting.

Located in Granite County, Montana, the town of Garnet is a historic mining village that is actually a ghost town right smack in the middle of the Garnet Mountain Range.

The federal government will provide you with a furnished cabin complete with a refrigerator as well as wood and propane stoves. Volunteers will receive a food allowance and simply need to keep things tidy and kept up in the town while doing their tours and events.

ghost town garnet montana

Oh, you’ll also have to run the gift shop. Your work day will consist of one that last until 5 p.m., but from there, your evening is yours.

Now, this is a rather primitive location and there aren’t all the modern-day comforts that one may find at a normal home. Some things are missing from Garnet, Montana, and that includes running water and electricity.

“It’s primitive, to say the least. It’s for people who love the outdoors and want to give back. There’s no electricity, no WiFi, and no running water, but there are trails to explore and artifacts to inspect. Volunteers are really left to their own devices after the visitors are gone. We rely on volunteers to do much of our day-to-day stuff. We can’t hire full-time personnel or even seasonal personnel. But we have all the stuff you need to live there,” U.S. Bureau of Land Management Garnet Ranger Nacoma Gainan stated.

Stories and history of the ghost town being haunted have existed for years. Some say that there have been lone piano notes coming from the abandoned Kelly’s Saloon. Sounds of laughter, talking, and music can be heard throughout the entire building.

Over in the Wells Hotel, a number of the volunteer caretakers have heard some footsteps walking around. Doors have also been heard opening and slamming closed, but the group was always together.

For now, this summer season has all of the volunteer positions filled, but there’s always the possibility of next year. Cabins can be rented out to those that wish to visit the ghost town in Garnet, Montana in the winter, and that is when the spirits are said to be most active.

[Images via Huffington Post]