John Wall’s Wrist Injury Throws Game 3 Vs. Hawks In Doubt

John Wall Injury Coudl KEep Him Out of Game 3 vs Hawks

Wizards guard John Wall could be in for an extended stay on the sidelines thanks to a wrist injury that kept him out of the Washington Game 2 loss versus the Atlanta Hawks.

As reported by Inquistr, Wall was a late scratch due to his sprained wrist, an injury he suffered in Game 1 last Sunday. And while there is now three days in between games — a boon for the Wizards if they hope to get John back into the lineup — it’s unclear when the All-Star point guard will be well enough to play again.

“I can’t really say,” Wall told ESPN when asked how worried he was about his status for Game 3. “I am just doing the best I can. After it happened, I got treatment for like 24 hours straight and doing everything I can. And now it is all up to… God has a plan. All I can do is keep getting treatment and try to get better like I am playing Game 3.”

TNT reporter David Aldridge, meanwhile, took to Twitter to confirm that Wall’s wrist is not broken and indicated that Wall will be seeking a second opinion before Saturday’s game against the Hawks.

Wall was quick to point out that if it was simply a matter of pain versus injury, he would have been on the court.

“You know me, I play through any type of pain,” Wall said. “It was just a pain where I felt like I couldn’t control the ball and do what I can to help my team. There’s no point in going to out there and sacrificing something.”

Regardless, the Wizards will have to face the reality that John Wall may be absent for significant games during this playoff series. As the Washington Times points out, Washington, though formidable during the regular season, haven’t been without their All-Star point guard during any point this year.

“The Wizards also have displayed stretches of alluring basketball in the playoffs, but they’ve accomplished it with one of the league’s top point guards. Wall’s breathtaking speed and breakneck forays on the rim are unique, impossible to duplicate and difficult to replicate.”

Still, it’s not inconceivable that Washington can defeat Atlanta simply because the Hawks are not a grizzled playoff team either.

“We just have to readjust,” Wizards shooting guard Bradley Beal told reporters after Game 2. “First we have to watch film on how they played and prepare for if John doesn’t play. We have to step up individually and as a team and do better on both ends of the floor.”

[John Wall photo credit: Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images]