Woman's 'Ghost' Photobombs Family Snap At Creepy English Ruin — Hoax Or Proof Of The Afterlife?

Jonathan Vankin

A man in Yorkshire, England, was out for a day in the park with his sister and her kids — unaware that they were being visited by a ghost. But when the eerie apparition photobombed a family snapshot, that's when Nurul Islam says he got freaked out.

So, is this ghost photo proof of an afterlife — or just a hoax? Islam says he's the last guy to make something like this up.

"I don't even like watching scary films and I don't like looking at this photo, it's spooky, there was no one there," the 37-year-old post office employee told the press. "My sister took the photograph and she saw it first, the castle isn't too old but who knows who lived there before."

The new ghost photobomb appears just two weeks after a ghostly pair of samurai boots turned up in a similar photo taken by another family in Japan. See more details on that ghost photobomb at this link.

Islam says that he did not notice the strange ghost in the photo until he got home and checked out the day's pictures.

The structure in the background at Roundhay Park in Leeds, West Yorkshire, appears to be an ancient ruin of an English castle or church — the perfect place to spot a ghost.

Actually, the structure was built in 1812 for a wealthy family who then owned the estate, which is now a public park. There was originally a room on the second story of the faux castle, no longer there, which served as a sewing room where the girls in the rich family would gather.

The ghost figure in the photo appears to be female, and it — or should we say "she"? — seems to be walking up the steps, as if to an upstairs room.

Here is a photo of the family, before the ghost appeared. Nurul swears there was no one else present in the area when they were taking their photos.

"Because people were standing on the steps and walking about, we waited for them to move on before we took a picture," he said. "We waited and waited for a clear point when no-one was there as they wanted to hold their hands together. That's why we're sure there was no-one there."

Here is the photo they took that appears to show a ghost in the background.

In case you can't spot the apparition, here's a zoomed-in image of the ghost itself.

"My sister said 'Oh my God it's a ghost,'" Nurul said. "I've started to think it might be. There was definitely no-one there when I took the picture."

Kevin Grady, director of the Leeds Civic Trust which manages the park, says that the castle and the surrounding area have no known history of ghosts — much less a ghost that would photobomb a family out for a nice sunny afternoon.

[Image: Nurul Islam via Yorkshire Evening Post]