Lindsay Lohan Faces Jail Time Again

Lindsay Lohan is facing jail time again after failing to complete enough hours from her community service. After promising to complete 125 hours additional hours by May 28, she has not even completed 20 of them. She is due in court on Thursday for a progress report.

Lohan has spent time in London, UK, but that has not stopped her probation order. She carried out some of her community service, sharing a post on Instagram of a stack of envelopes that were allegedly involved in that work. She is currently working with Community Service Volunteers, a London-based charity, to make up some of the hours. However, it has not been enough, as People magazine reports.

Santa Monica City Attorney Terry White does not believe she is taking her probation seriously, so is considering asking for it to be revoked. It would mean jail time for her reckless driving conviction in 2012. The New York Daily News reports that Lindsay has had plenty of time to finish her 125 hours that she promised would be complete by the end of this month.

Some of the hours she had previously turned in were checked. White said that they were suspect and eventually the court disallowed them. It led to the last chance to complete the hours, but Lindsay Lohan has fallen short. One of the sessions was allegedly 10 hours long on the same day she had been in the emergency room for treatment for her Bora Bora virus.

It is still possible for the actress to complete her schedule. Community Service Volunteers could give Lohan a full-time schedule over the next three weeks, and she would just make it. The question is whether the charity will have the work for her to do and whether she is willing to do it.

White doubted that some of the work was done for the original 240 hours of probation. That may be why Lindsay felt the need to post an Instagram shot of her doing the work this time. It at least proves she is in the office.

The judge could decide to scrap the probation and issue an arrest warrant. Lindsay Lohan is currently still in London, where she could remain if the judge does this. There is no extradition for misdemeanors. However, the question is whether she would ever want to set foot on American soil again. It is very possible that Lindsay Lohan could end up in jail yet again.

[Photo by Monika Fellner/Getty Images]