NZ Man With Fetish For ‘Fat Gummy Ladies’ Found Guilty Of Pulling Teeth During Sex

Fat gummy ladies

Philip Lyle Hansen, who has a fetish for “fat gummy ladies,” was found guilty Wednesday on charges of assault and indecent assault. The charges were laid because the New Zealand man liked to pull out women’s teeth using pliers while having sexual relations with them.

Prosecutors in the Wellington court who heard the case described the situation as “bizarre” as after six weeks of arguments, they won a guilty plea against 56-year-old Hansen. Hansen is a man with peculiar sexual fantasies for fat gummy ladies, as well as an obsession with amateur dentistry.

According to the Guardian, Hansen wanted them to save money on dental bills.

The matter relates to four different women, who gave evidence against him on incidents dating back to the period between 1988 and 2011. Hansen pleaded not guilty to 10 charges in total, but the evidence was strong. The women’s names have been withheld by the court.

Prosecutors described Hansen as a controlling and domineering personality who preferred women to have no teeth. A search of Hansen’s computer revealed over 600 searches in relation to dentistry and the extraction of teeth. The search history even included actual searches for the term “fat gummy ladies.”

The Dominion Post reported that according to one of the women who gave evidence, during sex he suddenly got hold of the pliers and she could “hear her teeth cracking.”

She continued by saying that during the night she awoke to find Hansen had her in a headlock with a rag over his hand, again trying to take out her teeth with pliers.

Another victim explained how she had gotten into the back of Hansen’s car to have sex with him. Shortly after this, he produced a pair of pliers and immediately pulled out six of her teeth, all without any form of anesthetic.

When concluding the case, Judge Bruce Davidson remarked to the jury that it would be natural to feel sympathy for the women affected by the crimes and that Hansen had multiple sexual relationships at the same time with various women he had met online.

“Some of you may think the defendant presents as a bit of a sleazeball.”

However, the judge said that emotion needed to be set aside and that the case must be decided on its merits.

Of the 10 charges against Hansen resulting from his fetish for fat gummy ladies, it took the jury — consisting of nine men and three women — five hours to come to a conclusion. They found him guilty of six of the charges and not guilty of the other four.

In the final result, Hansen was convicted on five counts of assault and one of indecent assault and was acquitted on the other four, even though one of those included rape.

Hansen will now have to wait until June 19 to know what his sentence will be and hopefully fat gummy ladies will be in a safer position in future.

In other conviction related cases, the Inquisitr reported today on the story of a prisoner who is suing the county over sexual harassment after having sex with two female wardens, who later lost their jobs.

[Image: Extracted teeth CC BY-NC 2.0 Ian Glover]