Samuel Dufner: Salem Teacher Not Charged For Burning Kids With Tesla Coil

Samuel Dufner: Salem Teacher Not Charged For Burning Kids With Tesla Coil

Samuel Dufner, a Salem High School teacher, will not face any criminal charges for using a Tesla coil to burn messages into the skin of his students. Some parents were upset by the science teacher’s experiment, but some students say 37-year-old Dufner has been doing this Tesla coil experiment for years without anyone complaining.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, police had Samuel Dufner arrested on Tuesday after an angry parent complained.

“Police say Samuel David ‘Sam’ Dufner was teaching a high school science lesson about the Tesla coil and, in order to teach the teens about the Tesla coil’s ability to burn, asked for volunteers. An unknown number of students volunteered, and the teacher used electricity from the device to burn the message ‘I [Heart Symbol] Mom’ on the students’ arms.”

Salem police Lt. Steve Birr noted that the marks left by Tesla coil have already faded since the science experiment was conducted. Students say the burning did sting a bit, but did not describe it as being a very painful experience.

“[Samuel Dufner] took like the probe and he touched my hand and I pulled my hand away and it was done,” student Aminna Ackridge said. “It hurt me a little bit, but as soon as I pulled my hand away the pain was gone.”

An Oregon prosecutor says they are still investigating, but Marion County Deputy District Attorney Doug Hanson said on Wednesday that his office has decided not to charge Dufner with any crime “at this time.” The Salem High School teacher was still placed on leave after he was released from jail on a $2,000 bond.

But not everyone is complaining about Samuel Dufner. Salem students note that the Tesla coil experiment has been going on for years without complaint.

“Apparently he’s been doing this for a long time,” student Katy Broadwater said. “My brother, about six years ago, had burn marks on him from when he did the experiment back then.”

Some parents note that in order to attend Dufner’s science class that they have to sign a release form for their children.

“I’d imagine all the parents have signed release forms for their kids in science classes,” says parent Eilish McDarby, according to KATU. “I had a 9th-grader in science class and I think the teachers do their best, and I’m sure the police will investigate and come up with a good resolution.”

Do you think Samuel Dufner should face criminal charges for his Tesla coil experiment?

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