WWE Rumors Round-Up: Plans For Sting, Sami Zayn’s Injury, ‘King Of The Ring’ Original Plans, Brock Lesnar, More

WWE Rumors Sting Zami Zayn King of the Ring Brock Lesnar

It’s time for another WWE rumor round-up as there is a lot being discussed behind the scenes while plenty is happening in full view as the company gears up for Payback. Now, some of the latest rumors have to do with the injury to Sami Zayn after his Raw debut, the King of the Ring tournament, Brock Lesnar, and possible plans for Sting.

Please remember, let it be known that these are all rumors at this time and they may or may not come true.

WWE’s Plans For Sting In The Near Future

After the loss to Triple H at WrestleMania 31, no-one has seen or heard from Sting. There was a lot of talk that he would work another match in the future and some even believe that he will take on The Undertaker at WrestleMania 32, but what plans does WWE really have for him?

According to PW Insider, there are currently no plans for Sting at any point in the immediate future with WWE. He is still with the company and will have merchandise and all that, but nothing as far as storylines.

It’s possible that Sting could wrestle at SummerSlam, but many expect him to not return or do anything significant until WrestleMania 32.

Who Could Brock Lesnar Feud With Upon His Return?

Speaking of SummerSlam, with rumors flying around Brock Lesnar’s return date, many are wondering who he will feud with, when he comes back. If The Shield really does reunite, Lesnar may not go after Seth Rollins right away.

Rumors have been floating around social media that Lesnar could end up feuding with Bray Wyatt upon his return. He would have to make his way through a rumored reunited Wyatt Family as Bray Wyatt tries to play mind games with him.

How Bad Is Sami Zayn’s Shoulder Injury?

Anyone that saw Sami Zayn against John Cena on RAW thought it was a great debut for the young NXT star. It was obvious from early on though, that Zayn’s shoulder was hurt and WWE even reported after the match that he was due to have an MRI on it.

This is not a storyline and Zayn does truly have a shoulder injury, and it apparently happened when he was coming to the ring and threw his arm up to get the home town crowd into it. As of now, there’s no official word, but backstage talk could have him out for two — three months.

Hopefully, there will be some confirmed news on his injury status soon.

Original Plans For King Of The Ring

When WWE decided to bring back the King of the Ring tournament, it was originally going to last through the end of April and into May. WrestleZone reports that the WWE Network was made free in May, and that probably had a lot to do with it happening so quickly.

There you have the latest round-up of WWE rumors, and it’s no surprise that there are plenty going around. One can only imagine what will or won’t come true, but only time will tell.

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