TNA News: TNA Wrestlers Frustrated Over Canceled Tour, Trying To Find Work

As Total Nonstop Action prepares for a live edition of IMPACT this Friday, several contracted talent are upset with the company due to a planned tour of China being canceled, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via LordsofPain).

The wrestlers were all under the impression that the company would be making its way to China at the end of this month for a lengthy tour. As the report indicates, the tour was expected to make the performers a good amount of money but since it’s now canceled, that is not the case.

All the talent who were scheduled to make their way to China are now reportedly “scrambling” to find themselves work during that 10-day period in which they were expected to be working out of the country. Not only are there financial issues staring the wrestlers in the face, but the Newsletter indicates that there are bigger problems.

Several wrestlers believe that this canceled tour is yet another indicator that TNA is slowly dying and struggling to stay afloat. Even though the company did not officially announce the tour, all of the talent were under the impression that the tour was still on, as recently as a few days ago.

It shouldn’t be as difficult for wrestlers to get booked as it was recently announced that TNA wrestlers may wrestle for any promotion, including appearing on iPPV, as long as that promotion isn’t on television. Wrestlers are not allowed to wrestle with Ring of Honor.

This is far from the first issue that TNA talent are experiencing with the company. As the Inquisitr reported recently, TNA has been having issues paying their employees. Many employees have either not been paid yet or paid thousands of dollars short. This has lead to several of the company’s workers to threaten leaving the company if they’re not compensated.

As for the wrestlers attempting to find work, many of the performers have “sent out feelers” to several promotions as they look to be booked. It has gone as far as some wrestlers attempting to speak with WWE about a job, to no avail.

The report notes that all talent who reached out to WWE were told that the company is not interested in anybody from TNA at this time. Even going as far as to say that there is no interest, even if the talent were to go through a tryout camp at Performance Center in Florida.

There is a growing unrest within the Nashville-based promotion as both pay and the cancelled tour seem to have lowered the morale of the entire roster.

[Image via Impact Wrestling]