How Calvin Harris Is Coping As Taylor Swift Embarks On Her 1989 World Tour

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are willing to go the distance on their relationship. New reports are claiming that “Caylor” are on good terms with each other and they’re willing to make things work as Taylor embarks on her 1989 World Tour.

A new report on this week’s OK! Magazine claims that Swift and Harris is willing to make their relationship become long distance. The “Blank Space” singer kicked off her 1989 World Tour in Japan. But is Harris already finding his relationship with Swift boring?

It’s obvious that the two successful artists are busy with their hectic schedules. Taylor is willing to spend as much as she can with the DJ and music producer. An alleged source told People magazine that Calvin doesn’t mind their rather boring dates. In fact, it’s bringing them closer together.

“Before Taylor started her tour, she and Calvin spent as much time as possible together. They seem to be on the same page. They are very low-key and stay at home a lot. They mostly hang out with friends.”

“They cook at home, or order in. They seem to have a great time together.”

It sounds like the couple would rather stay home and watch Netflix rather than party at a nightclub. Taylor is working hard to avoid media attention and speculation, since she’s become the blame for her previously failed relationships.

Harris even plans to join Swift on her world tour. Another source told AZ Central that he’s excited about becoming the singer’s “groupie” and is trying his best to “fit himself into her life completely and he’s even promised to visit her as much as he can when she goes on the tour.”

The source added that Harris is changing his lifestyle to accommodate Taylor and her needs.

”Calvin is bending over backwards for her. They’re making jokes about how he’s going to be her tour groupie. But they will still have a lot of long distance to deal with and that part sucks, she knows that won’t be easy. That’s the only drama she’s got with Calvin though; otherwise it’s pretty much perfect.”

Harris was even caught sneaking out of Swift’s L.A. pad last month. He had to cancel one of his shows due to food poisoning. Some of Harris’ fans didn’t buy the story, since pictures of him leaving Swift’s leaked after he announced the disappointing news on Twitter.

“Hiii I’ve got the worst food poisoning I’ve ever experienced rn. I’m really really sorry anyone who was coming to see me in Vegas this weekend. It’s one of those heart racing/burning up/cold sweats/shaking/projectile vomiting situations…so not possible to play any shows…sorry.”

That’s a very specific reason to cancel a gig. Hopefully his fans won’t place the blame on Taylor Swift as the real reason for his cancelled shows.

Harris will have to rest up since he’s about to headline the Electric Daisy Carnival in a month. Insomniac Events just announced the lineup for the Las Vegas festival that takes place on June 19-21. Calvin Harris, Avicii, Tiesto, and Martin Garrix will are just some of the artists that will headline the annual event at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

[Image: Jason Merritt/Getty Images for MTV and Ian Gavan/Getty Images]