Suge Knight Still In Jail, Did Lawsuits Delay Mayweather Rescue?

Suge Knight Hospital

It’s been four days since Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao met in the highly anticipated fight of the century, and the most unlikely person who was expected to profit from the bout hasn’t received his cut yet.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Marion “Suge” Knight Jr.’s attorney, Matthew Fletcher, claimed that he had been contacted by representatives of Floyd Mayweather. Suge Knight has been in a Los Angeles County jail since late January 2015, accused of deliberately running over Cle “Bone” Sloan and Terry Carter. Carter died of his injuries. The representatives reportedly asked about the process of posting bail on Knight’s behalf. Fletcher didn’t give any more details about the alleged conversation, except that somehow, Mayweather’s generosity was tied to the success of his May 2 match against Manny Pacquiao. Yet, while Mayweather emerged from the fight as the victor, Suge Knight remains in jail.

It may seem unthinkable that the man who co-founded Death Row Records could have trouble with $10 million for bail, but after a string of legal and medical troubles in the 2000s, Knight’s empire reportedly crumbled to dust and forced the former mogul to file for bankruptcy in 2006.

With no help from his other friends forthcoming, Floyd Mayweather Jr. seemed to be Suge Knight’s last hope of release ahead of his July 7 jury trial date.

Representatives for Mayweather denied that Mayweather had offered any help to Knight, and there are several reasons why he may not be inclined to bail Knight out, whether or not they are friends.

According to the LA Times, prosecutors cited Knight’s extensive criminal history, which includes extortion, money laundering, assaults, battery, and witness intimidation at the initial bail hearing. Bail was set at $25 million, but later lowered to $10 million. The caveat is the Knight has to prove that the money used as bail was in no way earned through criminal means. Former Riverside County prosecutor Ambrosio E. Rodriguez told the LA Times that whoever posted bail on Knight’s behalf would likely have to put up the entire $10 million, rather than the more traditional deposit.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. probably has $10 million, given that he received $100 million of the money he is owed from his fight with Manny Pacquiao. The trouble is, at least one other person is in line for a cut of that money, and she may have a better claim to it than Suge Knight.

CNN reports that Josie Harris is seeking $20 million from Mayweather in damages. The lawsuit stems from an interview Mayweather did with Katie Couric for Yahoo! News in which he alleged that Harris was violent and on drugs the night he assaulted her. Mayweather pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of misdemeanor assault and harassment. Mayweather has yet to comment on the lawsuit, but it’s a safe bet that whether he wins, loses, or settles a large part of that $100 million pay day is about to be tangled in attorney’s fees, court costs, and judgements.

Meanwhile, Suge Knight so far remains in a Los Angeles County jail, apparently without a friend in the world willing to bail him out.