WWE News: Latest Update On Sami Zayn’s Injury From ‘WWE RAW,’ Possible Shoulder Tear?

Sami Zayn WWE

In an earlier report by the Inquisitr, Sami Zayn sustained an injury on WWE RAW before his match with John Cena in the U.S. Open Challenge. Inside the report, it says that Zayn injured his shoulder during his entrance. When Zayn swings his shoulder when he yells, “Let’s Go,” he throws his shoulder forward and moves down the ramp.

From watching the video over a few times, it looked like Zayn did damage to his rotator cuff before the official match began. Even though the WWE NXT standout performs that theatrical motion each entrance, it backfired on him in a bad way. Now, there is an update on Zayn’s condition, but it’s not what WWE fans are looking for.

According to Daily Wrestling News, Sami Zayn did indeed injure his shoulder during his entrance and the result incoming is not presumably not good.

There’s still no official word on Sami Zayn’s shoulder injury but PWInsider notes that WWE sources belief Zayn suffered some sort of rotator cuff injury, possibly a tear, on Monday at RAW. As noted, the injury came as Zayn was making his entrance for the match against John Cena.

Despite the injury, John Cena and Sami Zayn astounded the WWE Universe in attendance, and around the world. According to backstage reports and on Twitter, the praise for Zayn and Cena was immaculate and in large quantities. Triple H and Jim Ross both tweeted about Sami Zayn, and the match the two WWE superstars had.

If Sami Zayn cannot compete at NXT Takeover: Unstoppable, what should the WWE do? Zayn is supposed to fight Kevin Owens for the WWE NXT championship at the end of this month. The match is expected to surpass their first one, which Owens won by a landslide. It was meant to further the storyline between the two men and write Zayn out of programming for a month or two.

Since Zayn came back, he faced Rhyno and Alex Riley. Even though the Riley fight didn’t come to a finish, Owens interfered and extended the feud even more. That said, if Zayn does have a rotator cuff tear, he would be out at least two months. Depending on the severity of the tear, Zayn could be out until Hell in a Cell this October.

For the critics out there on Sami Zayn, he will get over on WWE television. Even though his hometown is Montreal, the WWE fans that weren’t invested with WWE NXT cheered for him. The ratings will come, but like anything, it will take time. John Cena didn’t become who he is overnight. That said, Zayn needs to stay healthy. The WWE needs him to stay healthy.

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